Wedding Ideas

Go Wild With Wildflowers

Posted on July 17 by New Jersey Bride

When you think of wildflowers, you probably think of those weedy tufts growing by the side of the road, but there are so many wildflowers that are stunningly beautiful—like milkweed or meadow rue—and very inexpensive. One of the top budget-savers for weddings is ordering flowers that are locally grown, which makes New Jersey brides among the luckiest in the country. We have some absolutely fantastic local flowers growing all over the state. And wildflowers are fantastic options for a rustic wedding, or as floating blooms (think Water Lilies) or as fillers for more formal bouquets and centerpieces. Yes, you can mix and match; your floral designer is a master at it. So do some research on the following wildflowers native to New Jersey, and ask your floral designer to show you what can be created using them. Here are some of the top New Jersey-grown wildflowers: Bergamot Black-eyed Susan Blue False Indigo Blue Flag Iris Blue Vervain Branched Coneflower Butterfly weed Canada Milk Vetch [You have to check out the ‘vetch.’ It’s a beautiful flower with a name that’s surprising] Canada Tick Trefoil Cardinal Flower Chicory Common Milkweed Coneflower Culver’s Root Dogwood Dotted Mint Elderberry Evening Primrose False Foxglove Fawn Lily Geranium Golden Alexanders Great Blue Lobelia Green-headed Coneflower Hedge Parsley Helen’s Flower Ironweed Jacob’s Ladder Joe Pye Weed Lobelia Marsh Marigold Meadow Rose Milkwood Morning Glory Mountain Mint New England Aster New Jersey Tea New York Ironweed Ox-eye Sunflower Phlox Purple Coneflower Queen Anne’s Lace Rattlesnake Master Red Clover Red Milkweed Rhododendron Showy Goldenrod Smooth Aster Spiderwort Stiff Goldenrod Sunflower Sweet Autumn Clematis Sweet Joe Pye Weed Viburnum Waterlily Wild Columbine Wild Iris Wild Lupine Wild Petunia Wild Senna