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Brittany and Kyle’s At Home Engagement

Posted on August 22, 2018 by Allison Dupree

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Lisa Hibbert Photography

How did you meet?

We crossed paths way before we started officially dating. We both grew up in Parsippany, walked the same school hallways, played sports on some f the same fields and courts, and hung out in the same local spots with friends. But it wasn’t until I moved away to Hoboken after college that we actually started to talk to each other. What began as a few random messages, turned into texting for hours, and attempts to make plans to meet up. As many would vouch, Kyle rarely speaks on the phone, so this took some coordination!

brittany-kyle-engagementWhen did you get engaged?

February 10, 2018

brittany-kyle-engagementWhere did you get engaged?

At our home

brittany-kyle-engagementHow did you get engaged?

It was February 10th, the weekend before Valentine’s Day, and we made plans to go to Atlantic City for a weekend of gambling. We both enjoy playing roulette as a way to take a break from the stress of our jobs. This trip was supposed to be an early gift to one another in celebration of the holiday.

brittany-kyle-engagementWhile I started to pack our clothes in an overnight bag, Kyle left to grab coffee for the road. When he returned he had a mailing package in his hand. He handed it to me and said “It’s for you for Valentine’s Day!”
I laughed, noticing it wasn’t gift wrapped, opened the bag and pulled out a t-shirt. I couldn’t make out the printed message on it, as it was folded, so I held it up to read “Soon to be Mrs Draper”
brittany-kyle-engagementOnce the message sank in, I started to cry, overcome with emotion and overjoyed. I will forever remember that moment. Kyle had managed to propose with little to no words. But in the most special way and in the most special location– our home.

brittany-kyle-engagementAfter I said yes, Kyle took out the ring. He had it custom made in Ireland, making it the most special symbol of our love together…With that, we had even more reason to celebrate in Atlantic City…Lucky in Love.

brittany-kyle-engagementTo those who believe in love and delicious meals,

Nearly four years ago, I sat across from a quiet man, at a restaurant named The Quiet Man, and my life forever changed. Kyle is as Irish as they come so naturally our relationship began with a Guinness. Ok, I lied – a few Guinness. Our first real date, just the two of us, was at our now favorite local Irish pub. We sat across from each other in the second booth on the right and I remember feeling butterflies in my stomach like how a teenager feels when they first fall in love. I remember it was around the holidays, which added to my happiness. That’s my favorite time of year.

brittany-kyle-engagementThose Friday night dinners became a part of our routine. The beginning of our journey together. In the years following, we ate there and celebrated many milestones. Birthdays. Anniversaries. A new job. Becoming homeowners.

brittany-kyle-engagementKyle and I got engaged February 10th, 2018 and we knew we wanted to make our favorite pub and our new home the focal points of our engagement photos because they are both such integral backdrops to our love story….exactly what we wanted to make this special time in our lives, even more special to us. Kyle makes our house a home for me. It’s our favorite place to be. It’s where we gather with our friends. It’s the location for some of our family holidays. We shoot hoops together in our driveway, host BBQ’s, and drink coffee on the weekends. I cherish the few times we pour from our kegerator. And our adventure is just beginning. I can’t wait until the day I get to call him my husband. I can’t wait to hopefully fill those empty rooms with children. And I can’t wait to see them grow up in this house. Our home. These photos are proof of the happiness we found here. May they always act as reminders for us to laugh, snuggle up, and just love one another the best way we know how.