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Do You Need a Bouncer at Your Wedding?

Posted on August 03, 2015 by Phoebe Lett

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So who is the wedding guest who causes you the most wedding stress, the one who gets in bar fights, the one who caused a drunken scene at your cousin’s wedding and pretty much causes a drunken scene every weekend out at the bars? We had a heart-pounding moment during our pre-wedding months when a guest said she was going to wear a wedding dress to our wedding, because it would be ‘fun.’

New Jersey Bride—wedding bouncer

At that moment, we asked my husband’s cousin to be our bouncer. If anyone got sloshed or showed up in a wedding dress and tiara, they would be quickly and quietly escorted out of the ballroom by our rugby-playing cousin with a heart of gold. He would never pound someone out in the parking lot. He’d just put his arm around the offender and speak a few quiet words about saving the offender from embarrassment. Knowing our bouncer was willing to step in, if needed, removed every ounce of wedding guest stress from us during the weeks prior to our big day.

Here’s my Aisle Files tip: Even if you don’t have that drunken cousin or a trouble-maker on your list, you never know if someone’s +1 is going to cause a scene, or if a party crasher will sneak in through the terrace doors and start downing shots at your bar. So, ask a friend or cousin or two if they’d be willing to be your very diplomatic Bouncers at your wedding, just in case…

New Jersey Bride—Wedding bouncer

It just makes you feel better knowing there’s someone you can give the signal to, who’s going to sweep that grinding couple off the dance floor, boot the crashers, and separate the warring cousins whose business deal tanked. Your site’s staff always has an eye out for troublemakers and probably will quash that situation before you even see it – they’re great like that! – but if you put a bouncer on call for your big day, you won’t have to worry about who might do what during your big day. Your bouncer who knows people is on the case.

Would you ask a friend to be a bouncer, if needed? If so, who would you ask? Give them a shout-out here…