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Boudoir Photoshoot…for the Boys!

Posted on August 03, 2015 by Phoebe Lett

Brides, those boudoir photo sessions aren’t just for you anymore.


Just as you may have considered posing in gorgeous lingerie as a gift for your groom, it’s now time for the men to step in front of the camera to take sexy, shirtless photos for you.

In the most difficult, demanding and draining research project ever (might need even more time to research this story…), I took a look through some professional photographers’ men’s boudoir photo galleries, and I saw a lot of David Beckham-style open-shirt, or shirtless, photos that were ridiculously sexy. Even when the man didn’t have quite the David Beckham body.

I also saw some photos that, um, wouldn’t make for a great wedding present. (Chaps, anyone? The old cup-your-hands-in-front-of-you photo? ‘Here’s my butt!’) With the exception of some raunchy photos, and more bare butts than anyone should see in a day, I spotted some terrific magazine-ad-style shots that showed off guys’ arms, backs, chests…without muscle shirts or leather vests. No Shades of Grey stuff here.

New Jersey Bride—David Beckham groom boudoir photos

My favorite was a beautifully lit shot of a man wearing suit pants and a button-down shirt, unbuttoned all the way, with just a hint of his chest and stomach showing. He stood beside a bed, looking out a large picture window. Ultra-sexy…subtle…with just enough skin and real artistry in the shot.

A professional boudoir photographer knows how to use light, and that is what sets apart a great boudoir photo. The right shading, especially in a black-and-white photo, makes the model look amazing.

My guy would never go for this… you might be thinking. But consider this: couples’ boudoir shots are becoming more popular than ever. Maybe he’d sign on with you, if you both do your own private photo sessions to surprise each other later, and also pose together for some sultry, sensual portraits that are yours and yours alone.