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A Bookshelf Seating Chart, Disney Centerpieces and More Unique Wedding Decor Ideas

Posted on June 19, 2024 by Jacqueline Larcara

disney centerpieces
Michelle (Minka) Collins and Richard DeAngelo incorporated beautiful Disney centerpieces into their wedding reception. Photo: The Meyer Photo + Video Group

Personal and unique touches mean everything on your wedding day. To find inspiration, we turned to real New Jersey brides and grooms who have created their own spin on guest books, seating charts and other pieces of wedding decor. Many of them were DIY and worked on with friends or family, creating an even more special experience once guests arrive and saw their creations. So look below and get inspired!

Bookshelf Seating Chart

seating chart

Couple: Taylor & Sam Feleccia
Venue: Ryland Inn, Whitehouse Station
Photographer: Off BEET Productions
Inspiration: “Our seating chart was a handmade bookcase filled with books displaying the guests’ names on each binding,” says Taylor. “Each guest that made up our bookcase has played an integral part in various chapters of our lives.”
Where They Shopped: Taylor’s parents made the seating chart. Books purchased from libraries and hand-wrapped with black and white paper. Name labels created on a Cricut.

Record Seating Chart

seating chart

Couple: Emily & Jake Riesenbach
Venue: Linwood Country Club, Linwood
Photographer: Pat Furey Photography
Inspiration: “We are both big music lovers,” says Emily. “I have a huge vinyl collection and have always had such a deep appreciation for records that I really wanted to incorporate into our wedding.”
Where They Shopped: Creative Eventology,

Disney Centerpieces

disney centerpiece

Couple: Michelle (Minka) Collins & Richard DeAngelo
Venue: The Conservatory at The Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta
Photographer: The Meyer Photo + Video Group
Inspiration: “I wanted to make my dream of having a Disney princess fairytale-style wedding a reality,” says Minka. “We started off our wedding by showing up in a Cinderella carriage and then entered into our reception with 22 different Disney centerpieces.”
Where They Shopped: Minka, her mother, her sister-in-law and Richard made the centerpieces. Supplies from Amazon, Etsy, the Disney Store and other countries.

Party Animal Seating Chart

seatign chart

Couple: Ashleigh Bruno & James Little
Venue: Maritime Parc, Jersey City
Photographer: Derek K Photography
Inspiration: “With a guest list of [more than] 200, I wanted flexibility to make changes [to our seating chart], which is why we decided to use escort cards,” says Ashleigh. “I am a veterinarian so I loved the idea of incorporating my love for animals into our wedding day.”
Where They Shopped: James built the shelving. Plastic animal and dinosaur figurines from Amazon and Michaels were spray-painted gold. Escort cards and vinyl decals made on a Cricut

Globe Guest Book

globe seatign chart

Couple: Kristin & Amanda Simms
Venue: Crystal Plaza, Livingston
Photographer: Michael Romeo Creations
Inspiration: “We have traveled to many places, [including] Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and all over the United States,” says Kristin. “All who attended our wedding thought it was a
perfect guest book as they have followed our journeys we’ve had over the years. It’s currently displayed as decor in our home office.”
Where They Shopped: Etsy shop, TheLetteringStudio.

Oyster Seating Chart

oyster seating chart

The Couple: Carlie & Vincent Scalfaro
Venue: Bonnet Island Estate, Manahawkin
Photographer: Susan Elizabeth Weddings
Inspiration: “We wanted to incorporate oysters in every aspect of our romantic coastal wedding,” says Carlie. “[Our seating chart] was definitely a conversation piece at our wedding!”
Where They Shopped: The couple collected oyster shells from beaches, painted them with a glaze and handwrote guests’ names and table numbers. Seating chart built from birch
veneer and crown molding trim. “Let’s Shuckin’ Party” lettering by Eastern Sign Company, Egg Harbor Township.

Shore Town Table Numbers

table number

Couple: Kristine & DJ DeBenedict
Venue: Brant Beach Yacht Club, Brant Beach
Photographer: Amanda Bonneau Photography
Inspiration: “We knew using all of LBI’s beautiful town names [as table numbers] would be perfect for our beach-themed wedding,” says Kristine. “They brought such a special touch to the day as we and so many of our guests have a connection to LBI.”
Where They Shopped: Make Me Chic by Marisa Hope, @makemechicbymarisahope.

Christmas Ornament Seating Chart

seating chart

Couple: Jillian & Nick Masciandaro
Venue: Knowlton Mansion, Philadelphia
Photographer: Matt Kark Photography
Inspiration: “When we first decided to have a December wedding, I knew I wanted to incorporate a mix of Christmas decor into our vision,” says Jillian. “Using the ornaments as a seating chart but also as a favor for the guests was a hit at the wedding!”
Where They Shopped: With the help of friends, the couple built and painted the boards. Ornaments from Goodwill and Amazon.

Birdcage Centerpieces


Couple: Danielle & Matthew Riccardelli
Venue: Lake Mohawk Country Club, Sparta
Photographer: Jane D. Martinez
Inspiration: “Inspired by the beauty of fairy tales, we incorporated subtle touches like flowers
in birdcages, creating an atmosphere that felt both enchanting and sophisticated,” says
Danielle. “I really wanted to reflect the magic of our love story.”
Where They Shopped: Matt’s mom created the birdcage flower arrangements. Fake flowers
from Michaels and At Home. Birdcages from Michaels.

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