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Alex and Jim’s Beach Engagement Session

Posted on April 15, 2016 by Francesca Sgambati

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New Jersey Bride Alex and Jim Beach Engagement Session Meely Dunn photographed Alex and Jim’s engagement session in Belmar, NJ. “Alex and Jim met at work however never bumped into one another until a mutual friend had them meet after work and they instantly connected. You can see it in their engagement session, the happiness and adoration they have for one another. They chose the perfect location, sun, wind, and sand – refreshing and breezy as their relationship is. Belmar in NJ was the perfect backdrop as it offers all the elements of any beach loving couple would want – we were uncertain if the session would happen as it called for storms that day – but we decided to brave it and worked out perfectly to capture all the dramatic clouds that only a perfect storm can conjure up”. New Jersey Bride Alex and Jim Beach Engagement Session New Jersey Bride Alex and Jim Beach Engagement Session Jim and I met in 2010 a few months after I started a new job. He sat next to a friend of mine who I would go over and chat with often. He obviously tells the story differently, but, he used to ask my friend about me all the time. I was shy and not looking for a relationship at the time so I would just laugh it off when she told me. A+A-23-X2   He got transferred to another department and moved to another office location. Months went by and we didn’t see each other or really talk. A coworker called me one night asking if I wanted to go for happy hour with a few people, which of course I accepted! When I got there Jim was there.   A+A-14-X2   A+A-32-X2 We hung out all night and realized how much we had in common and really enjoyed each others company. We started spending a lot of time together after that. Jim and I bonded over our love for the ocean. We spend every moment we can in the summer on boats or at the beach. A+A-37-X2 A+A-35-X2 A+A-38-X2      A+A-46-X2 Jim proposed to me at one of our favorite restaurants, The Chart House in Weehawken which is on the water overlooking New York City. It was only natural that our engagement pictures would have to be by the water as well!