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5 Steps to the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Posted on July 28, 2014 by New Jersey Bride

Engagement ring from Braunschweiger Jewelers in Morristown. How to take the perfect engagement ring selfie.

Before he’s up from bended knee, you’ll be reaching for that iPhone. Tradition still dictates a formal engagement announcement, but today’s brides turn first to their newsfeeds armed with a gorgeous engagement ring selfie. Get the most social media mileage out of your selfie with these steps as your status changes from “in a relationship” to “engaged.”

engagement photo couple

1. Capture the scene with an image to show (rather than tell) your virtual social circles the great news. After you’ve said “yes,” slipped on the ring and kissed your newly betrothed, hold your hand up in the foreground amid the scene you’ll remember forever. Have your new fiancé take the selfie as you place your now-heavy left hand on his chest, shoulder, cheek or locked in his embracing fingers. Send this picture to close family and friends when you’re ready to answer many phone calls from shrieking parents, siblings and thrilled best friends.

Engagement ring from Braunschweiger Jewelers in Morristown.

2. Once you’ve sent that explanatory selfie to your loved ones, it’s time to show your new bling to the (virtual) world. Your hands and nails are displaying the goods, so get a manicure and don’t forget to moisturize. You’ll get the most dynamic color and shine from your ring using natural daylight, so set up your shot near a window to avoid blurring and reflection.

Engagement ring from Braunschweiger Jewelers in Morristown.

3. Smartphones’ manual zoom lowers an image’s resolution and clarity; simply tap to auto-focus the lens on your ring’s most intricate detail, keeping the focus on the rock, not your knuckles.

Engagement ring from Braunschweiger Jewelers in Morristown.

4. Some of Instagram’s built-in filters will blur the detail and color of your ring, so try “Valencia,” “Nashville” or “Lo-Fi,” depending on lighting. Or edit your selfie in a free app like PixlrExpress+ or Litely, which let you adjust vibrance, contrast and add filter saturation before sharing.

Engagement rings from Braunschweiger Jewelers in Morristown.

5. Prior to uploading, choose one jaw-dropping selfie of the ring for Instagram and Facebook. Add a romantic caption, then watch those notifications pour in.


Thanks to Braunschweiger Jewelers in Morristown for providing these stunning rings!