Wedding Ideas

10 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Posted on September 15, 2014 by New Jersey Bride

Here, JoAnn Gregoli of Elegant Occasions shares some great ways to personalize your wedding. We love the coffee-table guest book idea!


1. Serve wines from the years you were both born.

  rose bouquet

2. Carry a bouquet using the same types of flowers your MOM carried.

The_Manor_Entree - New Jersey Bride

3. Incorporate a family dish into your meal, and then give out the recipe as favors.

unity candle

4. Give guests candles during the ceremony to light with the unity candle.

rose petals

5. For a garden wedding , used pressed flower petals as part of the ceremony program.

sweetheart table

6. Use family heirloom linens on your sweetheart table.

wedding bouquet charm

7. For those who have passed, place pictures of them into charms and attach to your bouquet.

  coffee table guest book

8. Instead of a guest book, use a coffee table book of the area where the wedding is taking place. You will have memories of that location for the rest of your lives.

thumbprint guest book

9. Have guests use thumbprints as the guest sign-in board and then sign their print.

table numbers

10. Name tables after places or songs important in your life.