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11 Wedding Topics to NOT Talk About at the Thanksgiving Table!

Posted on November 25 by njbride

With all of your family gathered around the Thanksgiving table, the topic of your upcoming wedding is SURE to come up. And while you’ll want to talk about your dress, your location and the favorite photographer you were lucky enough to book, be sure you don’t monopolize too much of this family holiday with details ONLY about you. As with avoiding the topic of politics, here are some other topics that are best to NOT talk about at the Thanksgiving table:


1. How much the wedding is going to cost. It’s never a good idea to talk about money among relatives. And it’s an even worse idea to discuss how much your wedding is going to cost at a wedding that your relatives are attending.

2. Family members you’re NOT inviting. The bottom line is that it’s your wedding and you should invite exactly who you want to attend, but not everyone will agree on the list of those you’re not including. The last thing you want is the Hatfields vs. the McCoys at the dinner table, so it’s best to not bring it up at all.

3. What Uncle Johnny REALLY did at the bachelor party. While it may have been funny at the time…and may be really funny 10 years from now…it’s probably best to avoid divulging bachelor-party shenanigans until after the wedding.

4. How you want to elope. Chances are Mom and Dad and your grandparents may not be too fond of this idea. You’re better off not introducing this topic for the first time over a holiday dinner.

5. Everything that has been purchased off of your gift registry. This is just tacky…especially if you haven’t physically received the gifts yet but know about their purchases by checking your registry online. Be a gracious bride and quietly receive your gifts…then promptly thank with a sincere thank-you note. If Aunt Joan is at Thanksgiving, however, and you just received a place setting of china from her, it’s perfectly fine to gush about how much you love it and how thoughtful she was. Just don’t brag about everything that’s been purchased to your whole family.


6. How much better your wedding will be than the last family wedding. Especially if the former bride is at the table. It’s fine to be excited about your wedding, but take the high road and leave out any comparisons.

7.  Thanksgivings past. If your family was very close with your old boyfriend…who is NOT your fiancé…it’s best to not talk about all of those great Thanksgivings of yesteryear when you and your old beau won Thanksgiving-night family charades for 6 years in a row.

8. How many calories are actually sitting on your plate. With a dress to fit into in the next few weeks or months, it’s best to not focus on how much you’re eating today! You can always get back on your exercise and diet regimen tomorrow!

9. How the Kitchen-Aid mixer that you’re dying for may be half price at Target at 5 am on Black Friday. While it’s fine to put the mixer on your gift registry, don’t tell people when or where to go buy it, otherwise you’ll look greedy. Leave the Black Friday strategizing to them.

10. How amazingly sexy the lingerie is that you just found for your wedding night. TMI.

11. How the duck at your wedding will be so much better than the dry turkey you’re eating today. No matter how dry that turkey is, DO NOT criticize it if you didn’t cook it yourself. That’s what gravy is for!