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11 People NOT to Invite to Your Wedding

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Denise Potter

It’s easy to go a little overboard with your wedding guest list. For one, your family probably has a whole slew of people they want you to invite–some of which you probably don’t even know. Then there are the old friends who you haven’t seen in years and the questionable plus-ones that you feel obligated to invite. Before you know it, you’re be dealing with a circus wedding, complete with 300 of your closest…wait who are these people?!

Cut down on the guest list and your stress level instantly: Here’s our list of 11 people it’s totally okay NOT to invite to your wedding.



1. The coworker that keeps asking about your wedding. Nosy coworkers are the worst. Just because they sit a couple cubicles over from you and listen while you’re on the phone, doesn’t mean they’ve earned a seat at your reception.




2. The ‘Mr. Right Now’ boyfriend of one of your friends. Not every single guest at your wedding needs a plus one. It’s perfectly fine to reserve this privilege for the guests who you know are engaged, married or in a serious relationship.




3. Your grandmother’s cousin twice removed. Or any other family member you’re pretty sure you’ve never even met.




4. Your friend’s three month old baby. If you’re having an adult-only wedding, this is a non-negotiable. If your friend feels uncomfortable finding a sitter for her children, it’s her choice to decline on attending.




5. The woman at the bridal salon. When you’re shopping for your wedding dress, it’s easy to form a bond with the men and women who are helping you. But don’t feel obligated to include them on the big day. You’ll already be hosting vendors like your photographer, band and caterer (and feeding them too!)




6. Your mother-in-law’s bridge club. Be prepared to fight the good fight on this one. Carla and Maureen and Lisa will be more than happy to look at your wedding pictures after the big day. They absolutely do NOT need a front row seat to your nuptials just because they are acquaintances of your mother-in-law.




7. That old friend that invited you to his/her wedding way back when. Just because you attended their wedding back in 2002 doesn’t mean they HAVE to be invited to yours in 2015. Especially if you’re planning an intimate affair at a smaller venue.




8. The ex. His ex. Your ex. Either way–it’s a recipe for disaster.




9. Your rowdy college roommate. We all know this person. Sure, frat party-hopping with them in college was great, but now it’s years later and they still haven’t shown signs of growing up. Don’t risk letting them embarrass you on the most important day of your life when they try to shotgun beers at the ceremony.




10. Your boss. Unless your boss is also your lifelong pal, there’s no rhyme or reason to having them attend such a personal milestone in your life.




11. Your neighbors. If the extent of your relationship is waving to each other while you retrieve the morning paper, you shouldn’t feel guilty about not inviting them to your wedding.


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