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10+ Most Popular Wedding Appetizers

Posted on January 12, 2016 by New Jersey Bride

Everyone has their favorite cocktail-party hors d’oeuvres, and you likely have your own. Your menu is best when it offers a range of selections including meat, seafood, vegetarian and gluten-free options, so keep that in mind when you’re picking options from that long list of delicious-sounding dishes. Since guests love the classics mixed in with creative foodie fare, here are the 10 most popular wedding appetizers reported by top chefs around New Jersey:

New Jersey Bride—Bacon-wrapped scallops

1. Bacon-wrapped scallops.


New Jersey Bride—Caprese skewers

2. Caprese skewers.

New Jersey Bride—greek-chicken-skewers-01

3. Chicken skewers.

New Jersey Bride—Mini-Crabcakes

4. Crab cakes.

New Jersey Bride—Favorite hors doeuvres: Mini quiches

5. Mini quiches.


New Jersey Bride—Favorite hors doeuvres: pigs in a blanket

6. Pigs in a blanket.


New Jersey Bride—shrimp cocktail

7. Shrimp cocktail.


Favorite hors doeuvres: sliders

8. Sliders.


New Jersey Bride—Favorite hors doeuvres: spring rolls

9. Spring rolls.


New Jersey Bride—Favorite hors doeuvres: stuffed-mushrooms

10. Stuffed mushrooms.

With your classics fulfilled, look onward at your reception menu to pick out some additional gourmet choices. Here are some tasty alternatives to consider for your hot and cold passed hors d’oeuvres:   New Jersey Bride—Favorite hors doeuvres: artichoke and spinach crostini

1. Artichoke and spinach crostini.


Favorite hors doeuvres: artichoke and Scallop-Ceviche

2. Bay scallop ceviche with cilantro served on a ceramic spoon.


New Jersey Bride—Favorite hors doeuvres: beef-satay-with-peanut-sauce-rib-eye-steak-satay

3. Beef satay with spicy peanut dipping sauce.


Favorite hors doeuvres: chicken tempura

4. Chicken tempura with teriyaki-chili sauce.


New Jersey Bride—Favorite hors doeuvres: crunchy-coconut-chicken

5. Coconut chicken with mango dipping sauce.


New Jersey Bride—Favorite hors doeuvres: lamb meatballs

6. Lamb meatballs with cumin and cucumber yogurt dipping sauce.


New Jersey Bride—lobster appetizer

7. Lobster puff pastry.


New Jersey Bride—LobsterMacCheese appetizer

8. Lobster macaroni and cheese.


New Jersey Bride—Crab cake remoulade appetizer

9. Maryland crab cake with rémoulade.


New Jersey Bride—Mini brie appetizer

10. Miniature brie and raspberry in phyllo.


New Jersey Bride—Beef_Tenderloin_Crostini

11. Beef tenderloin crostini.


New Jersey Bride—SalmonHandRoll appetizer

12. Smoked salmon and avocado cream cheese hand roll.

Always make sure you have enough variety moving around the room. Guests do notice if there are just three options being hand-passed, and the wedding celebration starts off with raised eyebrows and disappointment. If you have to trade in something else (like an ice sculpture or one of the many dessert options) to get an extra hand-passed hors d’oeuvres or two, that’s a wise choice. It’s better to have more than enough hors d’oeuvres available than not enough.