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10 Tips for the Best Girls’ Getaway

Posted on March 11, 2021 by Phoebe Lett


“Girls’ Getaways” are quickly taking the place of bachelorette parties. Sometimes they are the bachelorette party. And sometimes, even with a bachelorette party in your schedule, you still want to get away from it all with your girls. You might head to a tropical island resort and have the bar cart bring you all frosty rum drinks while you all unplug and relax in the sun. You might head to Vegas. Or to a ski resort or wine country. Wherever you’re headed and whoever makes your VIP guest list, you’ll need to make sure this trip is as fun and as drama-free as it can be. Here are some smart tips to help your Girls’ Getaway be an amazing trip for all:

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  • Even a small group can get group discounts. Some hotels and resorts have a ‘discount for five booked rooms’ plan and some require 15 booked rooms. Even if you have three rooms needed for your Girlfriend Getaway group, call the reservations line to talk to an actual person – the sales manager is who you want – about potential savings for your Pre-Wedding Getaway group. Resorts and hotels sometimes have available freebies, upgrades or discounts for special groups, and even without 15 booked rooms, you might be able to get some of that financial advantage (and maybe a free cabana by the pool, a better room, etc.)

  • Ask, don’t tell, your girls about the group’s lodging plan. Take a vote: one big suite where you’ll all stay – for constant togetherness and two bathrooms to share – or the group chooses roomies for a few individual hotel rooms. Some friends will have no problems sharing a suite with the entire group (having shared shore houses or ski houses before,) and some might be more comfortable having a room of their own, so that they can turn in early and get some quiet while the rest of the group continues the party. If you have a pregnant bridesmaid or friend, this may be a very good idea for her comfort. Remember, the early-to-bed friend doesn’t want to bust up the party, so having her own room could be best for the group.

  • Schedule it for one day off of work, tops. Some people find it very hard to take off two workdays, especially if the getaway will happen during their busy season. So keep the event to a three-day weekend, and perhaps choose a nearby location that allows those friends who can’t skip out on Friday to drive to you after work.

  • Look at nearby destinations, to eliminate pricy airfare. We have so many terrific places to go in New Jersey! If you’ll head to the beach, think about choosing a beach that none of you have been to, or don’t vacation at regularly, so that it’s a new place for all of you, and no one becomes the ‘we’ve gotta go here’ agenda-driver/show-off/overly helpful person who turns the outing into a walk down her own memory lane.

  • Divide expenses equally. Including gas for the drivers, so there’s no resentment.

  • Ask your Girls’ Getaway friends to chime in about their preferred activity level. Do they like a ratio of 1 part activity, and 3 parts relaxation, 2:3, or go-go-go all the time? With so many different personalities and getaway preferences in your group, it’s important to find that happy balance so that you can plan the perfect itinerary.

  • Offer welcome bags for all of your Girls’ Getaway guests. Fill them with inexpensive yet still pleasing treats like mini bottles of nail polish, hand lotion in a great scent, frosted cookies in your getaway’s or location’s theme (like a starfish for the beach,) bottles of water, and more. “We shopped ahead of gift cards to the local fudge shop, so that no one would have to spend their own money on their choice of fudge!” says bride-to-be Lilah.

  • Don’t be too controlling about “Unplug Time.” When a Girls’ Getaway host sets a rule that smartphones have to be put away during the trip, to avoid constant texting with boyfriends and other distractions, guests can get uncomfortable. If you’ve heard about groups setting a ‘time to text’ for the mornings only, or ‘on your own time,’ there’s probably a very unhappy person in the group. If someone’s plugging in and missing out on the fun, that’s just going to be her experience.

  • Tell everyone you’re a Girls’ Getaway Wedding Group. Hotels, bars, restaurants, the server at the pool – they all love to treat special groups like VIPs. You may get some freebies like a dessert tray brought to your table or a free bottle of bubbly served poolside.

  • Take it easy on your girlfriends’ wallets. Remember that bridesmaids are spending a fortune to be on your wedding, so look at the tourism website for your location to see what’s free in the area (outdoor concerts instead of a ticketed concert, perhaps) to give your girls a financial break. No one should feel obligated to overspend, so make an itinerary that’s wallet-friendly.

Sharon Naylor is the author of Bridesmaid on a Budget and other books for brides, ‘maids and moms.