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Stephanie and Joshua’s Classic Wedding at Nassau Inn

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding7

Details of your day: We were engaged for 1 year and 8 months, so I had plenty of time to get my wedding together.  Since day 1 of planning, I knew that I wanted a traditional wedding.  I wanted to look back at my pictures in 10 years and see elegant and classic- a theme I was sure would never go out of style.

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding27Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding13
The venue was my easiest choice.  I chose Nassau Inn right away, even after seeing it the first time- nothing else I had seen compared.  The Inn is as classic and elegant as they come.  I could picture my wedding there.  I liked how there was a place for my out-of-town guests to stay that was right there where the reception was.  Josh’s family is from about an hour south- so it was important to have somewhere for everyone to stay after a long night of celebration.

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding26


The ballroom at the Inn not only had the beautiful gold chandeliers that I was looking for, but the dark wood accents and large windows draped in dainty linens that made my wedding what it was.  You can have all the flowers and decorations in the world, but the backdrop makes all the difference.

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding31

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding23
Being in the little town of Princeton, was also a huge reason for choosing the Inn.  Our guests had many places to go during the break between ceremony and cocktail hour.  The town helped give our wedding the traditional feel as well.

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding29
I chose to use mostly light pinks and gold for our décor.  My bridesmaids wore blush pink gowns while the groomsmen wore navy suits with blush pink ties.  I added gold in small places.  For instance- the groomsmen and both my dad and Josh’s dad wore gold tie clips.  It really looked sharp.

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding33
We wanted to have little details that people would remember.  We had a cigar bar that was a huge hit, as well as donuts and apple cider on the way out so guests had a midnight snack. One of my favorite details about our wedding was our mirror signs.  Josh is a really great artist (he went to college for Graphic Design) and he created each one of our mirror signs (we had one on our memory table, guestbook table, cigar bar, place card table and a large welcome sign).  It meant so much that he had a way of being a part of our wedding and I was very proud to say my HER

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Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding34
Your menu: Our guests are still talking about two major parts of our wedding, the DJ and THE FOOD!  When our entire reception party wasn’t dancing, they were eating—and that made the whole night that much better. Our cocktail hour had the typical staples:  raw bar, cheese & meat table and so many butler passed hors d’oeuvres.  We also had a carving station that was serving a five pepper crusted strip loin.  Guests were really excited about our street food station that provided mini sausage, pepper and onion sandwiches and mini cheese steaks.

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding30
During the reception, after our Champaign toasts- guests were served the appetizer of cheese sacchetti and four cheese beggar purses in vodka sauce and jersey tomato, fresh mozzarella and balsamic salad (we are from New Jersey and grew up on that salad so we had to have it at our wedding).

Guests had a choice between 3 entrees: Grilled Salmon with roasted tomato beurre blanc with asparagus and rice pilaf, herb crusted fresh cut chicken in natural jus with asparagus and mashed potatoes or Filet Mignon in a merlot demi glaze with asparagus and mashed potatoes.

Following dinner and after a lot of dancing, we cut our cake—which was a vanilla sponge cake with a lemon curd and raspberry filling and buttercream icing.  We also had a venetian dessert table filled with cookies, pastries and other desserts to choose from.

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding37

On the way out after our reception concluded, we had a little treat for each guest:  a sugar donut to go and a cup of warm apple cider.

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding36
Favorite moment: My favorite moment would have to be at our reception.  My Maid of Honor had requested our DJ to play “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips because we of course knew the dance from the movie “Bridesmaids”.  When the song came on, all 10 of my bridesmaids (including my two Jr. Bridesmaids and my 2-year old Flower Girl) came onto the dance floor and we had THE BEST time dancing together.  Towards the end of the song, Josh came and danced with us and I think that was one of those “wow this is really amazing” moments for me

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding41
Couldn’t live without: To be honest, during this whole wedding planning process and on my w
edding day especially, I couldn’t have lived without my parents.  My mom was with me every step of the way from picking my dress to sealing the wedding invitations to be sent out.  She calmed me down if something went wrong and always gave me her honest opinion.  I’m generally shy, and she pushed me out of my shell multiple times to make sure I got every experience possible during my wedding planning- after all, you only do it once.

My parents spent their morning on my wedding day at my house.  Any last minute “issues” that came up, I didn’t even know until after the wedding was over and we were home from our honeymoon.  I am forever thankful and grateful for all they have done for our wedding.

My advice is to make sure you have a good support system while planning your wedding.  It makes the happiest times during the planning happier and the stressful times feel a little less of a big deal.

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Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding43
Something that went wrong: The morning of the wedding, my brother was getting ready with Josh at the Inn and my dad was getting ready at my house for pictures (the Inn and my house are about 30 minutes away from each other).  When they went to take their suits out of the garment bags, they noticed that the suit rental store had accidentally switched their suits in the garment bags labeled with their names.  So my brother had my dad’s suit and my dad had my brother’s suit.  Mind you, this wasn’t realized until the photographers were both already at the locations ready to take pictures.  My brother had to have the suit to match the groomsmen- so at the midnight hour- they had to meet halfway to switch suits and race back before they missed any pictures.  They pulled the “exchange” off and I never knew there was even a problem until after the wedding was over.
Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding44

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding48

Favorite detail: It was important for me to include my grandparents who had passed on my wedding day.  We had a memory table of my grandparents and Josh’s grandparents and also did donations to The American Cancer Society and American Heart Association in honor of them.  Best part of my wedding to me was the small pictures I had of my grandparents attached to my bouquet so each time I looked down, they were right there with me.

Stephanie and Josh Nassau Inn Wedding47

Honeymoon: For our honeymoon, Josh and I decided early on that if I was going to plan most of our wedding than he would take charge of the honeymoon.  I didn’t really get too involved in that planning, so most of it was a surprise to me.

Josh and I left the day after our wedding for our honeymoon at the British Virgin Islands.  We stayed at Scrub Island, which is a fairly new island in the BVIs.  Josh did a great job planning—we had an exclusive dinner on the beach, plenty of rum punches and a week of relaxing on the beaches and reminiscing about our amazing wedding.

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