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Lisa Marie and Nicholas at Liberty House Restaurant

Posted on February 17, 2020 by Ariana Baio

It all began the summer of 2010. The story of how we met is a little confusing and after seven years, we still aren’t exactly sure how it happened. We know it consisted of our siblings, MySpace and mutual friends, so we assume it was meant for us to meet since so many variables participated in bringing us together. After becoming best friends, hanging out often and talking all day, every day, it wasn’t until the summer of 2011 that we became “official” as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Nick and I visit the Wonder Wheel amusement park on Coney Island often, rain or shine. At the time, Nick had started a new job and asked if I would go with him and his new boss to visit the Wonder Wheel (his boss had never been). I agreed to go, but the day of it was pouring rain! I tried to get out of going but Nick insisted and so we went. Upon walking up the ramp of the Wonder Wheel, we saw a family friend taking photos. After some small talk, he asked to take our photo and that is when Nick knelt down and proposed! Of course the answer was “yes”. I couldn’t believe I almost didn’t want to go because of the rain. Once he proposed, the sun came out beaming, it felt like something out of a movie.

We didn’t have a theme for our wedding but we stayed close to neutral tones of gold, champagne and beige. From our invites to our flowers, they all consisted of champagne and white. I wanted a soft and neutral tone and at the same time, a cozy feel. Again, I knew a winter wedding would consist of freezing temperatures so I wanted to create a soft, warm environment. Our centerpieces were 6 pillar candles surrounding a short bouquet of flowers with petals along the table. I also purchased extra tulle table cloths for the sweetheart table, cake and card table. For favors, we gave out blankets that read, “to have and to hold in case you get cold.” We displayed them throughout the night and guests took them as they left. We also rented twinkle lights to hang from the ceiling to create a starry effect. I love candles and lights, so I tried to bring the outside view of Manhattan, in. For our cake toppers, we purchased Funk-O-Pops that look like us. It was so funny and really made the guests laugh. Lastly, since we have a love for the Wonder Wheel, our card box was engraved with a ferris wheel and our last name. We really tried to incorporate as many personal touches as we could without creating a cheesy reception. In the end, I love how it all turned out.

We chose our venue for the breathtaking view. Since we were planning a January wedding, we knew any venue with a garden or outside décor would be a waste. When we visited the Liberty House Restaurant, the floor-to-ceiling windows were perfect for what we were looking for. 

Our menu had everything, literally. We both come from large Greek and Italian families who were expecting a variety of food. We had everything from a sushi bar to a raw bar to American classic sliders to pasta. We included a variety of cultures to please all of our guests. Our cake was simple vanilla with cannoli cream and we had a ton of dessert to follow.

My gown was the Princia from Pronovias. I purchased my gown from Castle Couture and initially experienced dress regret. I purchased my gown in November and when I went home, I immediately wanted a different one. Luckily, Castle Couture helped me, and I arranged for a second dress appointment. This time, I put on the Pronovias and I just felt like a bride. I can’t explain the feeling. I didn’t have the “bridal” moment, nor did I cry. I just knew it was the dress I wanted for my wedding. When I saw myself, I felt this dress was timeless and it was a dress fit for a bride. I knew it was the one when I kept saving pins on Pinterest and when I would look at my purchased gown, they were that exact dress.

My favorite moment of my wedding was the car ride from the church to the venue with my husband. Although we had the driver in the front seat, it was just the two of us. We got to talk about our mornings and really start our life as husband and wife. We didn’t carry our phones with us, as per my husband’s request, and it was so special. On the drive to the venue, no one else mattered, it was just the two of us and that will forever be the most beautiful moment of my wedding day.

I couldn’t live without candles! I had candles everywhere. Candles were in the aisle of the church, the staircase leading into the reception room, the cocktail room, lining the entrance of the cocktail corridor, the deejay incorporated candles in their light show and of course in the centerpieces. I love candles and I loved even more that we were allowed open flame in both the church and venue.

Nothing went “wrong” but there were some hiccups. First, the Rolls-Royce went to the wrong address, leaving me and my parents to take a limo to the church. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it caused me to be 15 minutes late and having no photos of me and my parents in the Rolls-Royce (one of my little-girl dreams). Another hiccup was that the heaters we rented came super late. We lucked out that for a late January wedding, the temperature was 40 degrees, but guests were definitely cold without the heaters. Lastly, the limo we arranged was suppose to hold 12 passengers and it barely held six. It worked out with my bridal party and some guests, but it was definitely a bummer that it didn’t fit the amount we paid for. None of these were “make or break,” but hiccups that I tried to avoid prior to the day.

“Say You Won’t Let Go,” by James Arthur.

My advice: Do what you want. Ask opinions, ask for advice but ultimately, do what you want. I listened to opinions from others and took their advice to heart, but I am so so glad that I stuck to my guns and did what I wanted. Another piece of advice, try sitting in your dress before altering it tight! Clearly, you can imagine my struggle but it was so funny trying to sit in church with a dress that was not allowing it. I love the memory of trying to sit in front of a church full of guests, but I really should’ve tested it out before hand!

We went on a cruise around Italy and Greece.

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