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Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

Posted on August 03, 2020 by Ariana Baio

Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

We met online in 2013. Both Tim and I were living in Brooklyn, NY at the time.Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

We got engaged the day after the NYC Marathon in 2017. Tim is a marathon runner, and it has always been tradition to take the day after the marathon off in order to relax and recharge. We woke up early in the morning that Monday and Tim asked to go take a walk in Central Park to “stretch his legs out”. We walked throughout the park, until we finally made it to Bow Bridge. While I was taking photos on one side of the bridge, Tim tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around he was on his knee. Pretty sure what came out of my mouth made absolutely no sense, I was in happy hysterics. Yes, he was able to get down on one knee and successfully back up without help despite the 26.2 the day before.Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

Our day was a beautiful sunny day. We rented a house on the Perona Farms property to get ready with our bridal party, which was a great experience. The groom and groomsmen wore navy suits, the bridesmaids in desert-grey gowns.Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms
For flowers, we had two large arrangements of garden roses, hydrangea, snap dragons and eucalyptus atop wine barrels at the head of the aisle, with the ceremony canopy lined with ivory fabric and with flower arrangement attachments. The bouquets were pale pink and white garden roses. My bouquet was a cascading mix of greens, eucalyptus, ranunculus and garden roses. Some tables were adorned with wooden boxes, fresh eucalyptus, garden roses, hydrangeas and white snap dragons while the long barn wood tables had fresh eucalyptus garland and fleur-de-lis tea candles. Our guests received golden elephant wine stoppers as favors. We chose these based on our mutual love for elephants. Over the course of our relationship, we have fostered elephants through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.
Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

Our goal was to have a rustic, barn-like venue and fell in love with the property at first sight. Our family and friends are mainly in the New Jersey/New York area so we wanted somewhere that wasn’t too much travel for anyone. Perona Farms was perfect- we appreciated the all inclusive nature and the “family” feel of the venue. We didn’t have to think about coordinating catering or beverage service, their reviews spoke for themselves. The staff was exceptional from beginning to end.Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

Perona does a rotating seasonal menu. Our cocktail hour had passed hors d’oeuvres including lobster cobbler, buffalo chicken dumplings and mini jars of gazpacho, just to name a few. They also offered a mediterranean station, BBQ station and pasta station as well a deconstructed shrimp cocktail bar. Dinner began with an appetizer of marinated mushrooms, olives, roasted red peppers and cheese with house made breadsticks, as well as their greenhouse salad with homemade dressing. We served chateaubriand and grilled chicken with parmesan zucchini wedges and roasted Yukon gold potatoes. Dessert included fresh baked coconut pecan and chocolate chip cookies. Our cake was a cannoli cake and lemon. We ended the night with additional favors for our guests, miniature packages of homemade cinnamon sugar donuts.Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

My gown was traditional yet elegant. I always envisioned a gown with lace embellishments and buttons down the back to a long train. It was the first dress I picked in the showroom and said “this is it” before even trying it on. I tried on a total of six dresses before saying “Yes” to the dress!Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

Our favorite moment was taking a step back during the reception and just observing everything that was happening- seeing everyone who came to celebrate your day and all the planning come to fruition.Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

For me, it was having a piece of my fathers jewelry attached to my bouquet. He unfortunately passed away when I was younger, and its something I got to hold every step of the way.Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

Its possible the dinner napkins were a slightly different color than expected, but to be honest if something truly went wrong, no one told me about it, and for that I am grateful!Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

“Latch” by Sam Smith

At some point you need to realize that what’s going to happen is going to happen, let it go. Live in the moment because it’s over before you know it!Katlynn and Timothy at Perona Farms

Germany (Tim ran the Berlin Marathon) and Greece

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