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Josie and Jeremiah’s Woodsy Wedding

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Details of the day: Our wedding was so special to us! Finding a venue was a task for sure! This Idaho girl wanted her woodsy backyard wedding, and although, New Jersey is called the garden state there were few options with our desired venue “look” available to us. We tried leaving letters in people’s doors asking for their yard, months and months of trying to get our favorite park to let’s use it, threw around the idea of a national battlefield… I mean we really tried! But after much searching the venue that was just perfect for us, hand picked by God, was right in our face. The ceremony was held at our quaint and beautiful church, and the reception held at another church right down the road. Both places were so kind and generous to us! And in between the ceremony and reception, we had our photographers capture our portraits in Bodman Park, and because of that we didn’t lack the beauty we sought for or the backyard wedding feels we desired one bit!

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Your favorite part: It was literally amazing to see all the hard work us and so many friends and family put in to make it come to reality!

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If you could change one thing about your wedding what would it be? Nothing, it really was perfect!

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Advice for other brides: We had sooooo many ideas while planning along the way and a lot can change in nine months time. Don’t stress because everything that came to be was perfectly funneled through, and it really was the sweetest day ever.

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Middletown, New Jersey

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Middletown, NJ

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Monmouth Baptist Church


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