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Jackie and Ryan in the Rocky Mountains

Posted on December 17, 2020 by Ariana Baio

We met when we were 11 and 12 years old on a club roller hockey team. We liked each other, but never said a word until four years later. We tried getting together, but our timing was off due to us leaving for college. When we got back from college, we tried again and this time stuck to it!Jackie and Ryan in the Rocky Mountains

We were supposed to go out for a dinner at Buona Sera in Red Bank. Ryan ended up taking a detour to my parents house and walked me to the backyard. There was a decorated tent set up with two chairs, two glasses of champagne, flowers, candles, and a sign that said “Will You Marry Me?” Our family came outside and captured the whole moment. We ate pizza and got drunk for the rest of the night!Jackie and Ryan in the Rocky Mountains

Covid-19 really tried to ruin our wedding plans and I wasn’t having it. After deciding to postpone our large October reception, we decided we wanted to do something since we had already taken the time off from our jobs for the wedding. At that time, Colorado wasn’t on the travel ban list, and it was a state we’ve always wanted to travel to. I hopped onto Facebook and joined a Colorado Photography Group and told our story to see if anyone could connect us with someone to help us get married. I had a ton of inquiries, but one husband and wife duo really stood out more than others. JCM Photography explained to us they had a wedding scheduled for 10/14, but the couple had cancelled and they had a whole team ready for us. It almost felt like a dream come true. Our photographers knew exactly where to go, how to pose us, and made it so memorable for us. We hiked the whole mountain in wedding attire and it didn’t bother us one bit. My bouquet was made by their florist, Stargazers Designs, literally in the parking lot. She gathered fresh wildflowers, pine, leaves, whatever she could find around her and created a masterpiece. I cannot get over how beautiful it was and how much creativity she has. We were over the moon for our entire trip and we’re so glad that we got to do this.

Jackie and Ryan in the Rocky Mountains

My gown was Lulu’s Awaken My Love.Jackie and Ryan in the Rocky Mountains

My favorite moment was at the end of our wedding shoot when it began to snow!Jackie and Ryan in the Rocky Mountains

My flower crown was my favorite accessory of the day. I felt like it completed my “boho” wedding look.Jackie and Ryan in the Rocky Mountains

Not exactly “wrong,” but there was smoke in our photos from the Cameron Peaks wildfires.Jackie and Ryan in the Rocky Mountains

“Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton.

Jackie and Ryan in the Rocky Mountains

Do what makes you and your partner happy! Everyone around you will always have opinions, but it’s what you want that matters.Jackie and Ryan in the Rocky Mountains

We traveled the state of Colorado for a week!

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