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Would You Take a Familymoon?

Posted on January 15, 2019 by Allison Dupree

Congratulations! You’re married to the love of your life and you are done with your wedding planning!

Now it’s time for some R&R on your dream…familymoon?

While familymoons have been around for a while, Meghan Trainor has recently sparked conversation after posting a picture on her Instagram with the caption “Best honeymoon/familymoon ever”


According to, a familymoon is defined as “A honeymoon in which the newlywed couple bring along their children.” Now unless we’re missing something here, Meghan and Daryl don’t have any Spy Kids (sorry I had to) yet but it seems they went away with Meghan’s brother and a lady friend of his!

Kristin and Ryan’s Engagement Story, Angela June Photography

Would you go on a familymoon with your kids, siblings or even in-laws? It definitely seems perfect for a very close knit family, but we recommend separate rooms or even resorts, so you can be have some time alone as newlyweds!


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