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What’s NOT Hot for Your Summer Wedding

Posted on April 29, 2015 by New Jersey Bride

Celebrity event planner Brian Worley, who most recently planned David Arquette’s wedding, shares the hot styles and colors for your summer wedding, and tells us what’s NOT hot!


Caramel wedding themeImage via


This summer, hot colors are really not that HOT at all. They are more muted creamy sherbet tones like caramel, marsala, blush, swiss coffee, mint green, toasted almond and strawberry ice.


Blush pink wedding themeImage via


These delicious pastel hues are the perfect complement to a summer of gold metallic accents and vibrant raspberry, lemon, blueberry and eggplant. I have always been a fan of mixing colors from opposite ends of the color spectrum when I design a wedding, so this summer is the perfect time to do so with a color palette with endless tasty combinations.


Metallics-themed weddingImage via


These luscious pantones for the 2015 bride will also make way for a few metallics to add some sparkle. Look for copper, rose gold, white gold and brass to partner with the above flavorful colors to complete the overall design scheme.


Ranunculus wedding bouquetImage via


Spring and summer also bring a new crop of interesting textures and colors when it comes to flower choices. One of my favorite new flowers is the Japanese hybrid ranunculus. This sturdy flower has a long vase life, incredible color, a straight stem and makes a statement in any arrangement. Mix those with some fritillaria, which look similar to a tulip with a bell-shaped bloom, but have a more dainty appearance for an arrangement that is unique and special. Hellebore, scabiosa, sweet peas and lilac also complement each other when trying to create arrangements that are organic, but still have a tailored simple silhouette. All of these captivating flowers with unique names are just what the wedding world needed to turn things upside down from the typical centerpieces of roses, orchids and hydrangea.


Bohemian wedding inspirationImage via


Say bye-bye to vintage and adios to rustic—this year the new word in wedding design is bohemian! This unconventional style trend is amazing because of all of the layers that encompass such a fluid word. Bohemian can still be conservative or glamorous, it can be chic or it can inspire the free spirit of a bride that has a hippie edge. This informal adjective provides so much freedom in planning and designing a wedding. Inspiration can come from so many different places and really allows the personality of the couple to reinstate on all things pertaining to their wedding day.

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