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Wedding Planner or Venue Coordinator…Similar Title, Different Roles?

Posted on February 19, 2019 by New Jersey Bride


From the day that special someone gets down on one knee, asking the question, “Will you marry me?,” you and your significant other enter a whole new stage of life. This is the engagement stage, and it can become very overwhelming for new couples. Friends and family are constantly asking questions and giving opinions, even throwing words at you that you may have never heard of.

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But we are here to tell you that you are not alone! All couples go through this—especially in the early stages of their engagement. To help you through this exciting yet somewhat confusing time, we consulted with Deidre Luster of Divine Elegance by Deirdre to help with some details you should be aware of in the early stages of your wedding-planning process:

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One of the biggest misconceptions is knowing the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator. Many times newly engaged couples are told they do not need to hire a wedding planner because the venue will supply them with a venue coordinator for their wedding needs.

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Why hire someone to plan your wedding when your venue will supply someone for you?

Many newly engaged couples are unaware that their venue coordinator supplies them with a limited amount of time and attention, whereas a wedding planner will give you their total undivided attention to meet all of your wedding planning needs.

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A wedding planner will typically be available for you to contact 24/7, helping you through anything that may come up through this process.


A venue coordinator will only be available for you to contact during business hours.

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A wedding planner will work with you in arranging pre- and post-wedding celebrations.


A venue coordinator will work with you just on the day-of arrangements.

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 A wedding planner will serve as a direct point of contact for your vendors throughout the planning process.


 A venue coordinator will give you a list of preferred vendors for you to contact and work with.

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A wedding planner will have a timeline consisting of everything that will happen that weekend, from the rehearsal celebrations to the after-party celebrations.


A venue coordinator will have a timeline of what needs to be done from the time the couple arrives to the time the couple leaves.

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As you can see, a wedding planner and a venue coordinator have similar titles, but different roles in the planning process. Having a wedding planner provides a little extra help through the planning process that often people do not think they need.

Now that you know the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator, you are more prepared than most couples in the early stages of the planning of their special day!

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Special thanks to Deidre Luster of Divine Elegance by Deirdre for her tips and advice.

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