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Vanessa and Jessee’s At Home Engagement

Posted on January 19, 2018 by New Jersey Bride

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John Caposele

How did you meet? Jessee and I have known each other for many years, but in very different ways. He was the younger brother of my ex-boyfriend’s best friend. We were in each other lives for so many years and if you asked me 5 years ago where we saw ourselves, they were very different pictures. Vanessa-Jessee-EngagementIt took both of us to lose the people we thought were best for us to come together. Jessee reached out to me and I ignored him for the obvious reasons, everything in me knew it would be playing with fire. I finally gave in, and I’ve never second guessed myself again, and it looks like he never has either. Vanessa-Jessee-EngagementWhen did you get engaged? 05/14/2016 Where did you get engaged? The first house we lived together in Vanessa-Jessee-EngagementHow did he ask? Most people would expect a crazy elaborate bed full of roses, candles and mood music, but that’s just not the Jessee Escalante way. We had a very busy Saturday, I had to work overtime in the morning and we made it to Bark in the Park at BlueClaws. I didn’t really have any idea all day that Jessee had anything planned. After our busy day, my son Austin and I took a nap, then I was woken up by Jessee telling me to get up since it was getting late and we needed to go get dinner. Vanessa-Jessee-EngagementPulling myself up to get changed I was putting on my cardigan yelling at the our dog barking to turning around and seeing Jessee on one knee telling me how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I was in shock and got out the word Yes! My son who is an honest Abe knew about the ring for 2 days, he went and helped Jessee pick it out and went to my grandparents to get my grandpa’s permission. (My dad lives in the city and I only have his number)