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COVID-19 UPDATE: Getting Your NJ Marriage License

Posted on March 17 by Molly Gregor

UPDATE ON NJ MARRIAGE LICENSES AS OF MARCH 17: While a number of COUNTY clerk’s offices have shut down, individual New Jersey municipalities are STILL OPEN and have not received word from the state yet to close. SO…if you are changing plans and want to elope or get married on your own these next few weeks, apply for your license NOW.

Remember, there’s a 72-hour waiting period, so this could change at any time. I just spoke to the Chatham Township clerk’s office and he has not received word YET to stop marriage licenses but he’s awaiting word from the state and this could change at any moment.

IF you’ve already applied and NEED to use it within the next 30 days, get it NOW!

You can also apply online, but please call your individual office to ensure that they’re open. We’re hearing of some offices that are open, some clerks helping out brides by releasing licenses early and some offices closed.

For a list of individual town clerk’s offices in New Jersey, click HERE.

And for more details on what you need to apply for a New Jersey marriage license, click HERE.

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