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Engagement Party Tips

Posted on July 15, 2015 by New Jersey Bride


New Jersey Bride—Engagment party by Amanda Picone Photography
Amanda Picone Photography

Your engagement party…should you decide to throw one…is one of my favorite parts of a wedding. It’s a party afterall, without all the pressure of a wedding. It’s a chance to celebrate your engagement and introduce different sides of the family or groups of friends to one another. And it’s also an opportunity to have some fun with the style and décor of your event, without having to be too serious. Here are some great tips to keep in mind from Ricky Eisen, an event planner with more than 30 years of experience and the founder of the corporate catering company, Events & Celebrations NYC by Between the Bread.

Some Dos:

1. Do use small cocktail tables. Whether you are planning a cocktail or a dinner party, use smaller tables mixed in with high airport-style tables and stools. This will encourage guests to easily mingle, dance, eat and drink.

New Jersey Bride—Wedding cocktail tables.

2. Do plan your event with buffet-style accommodations. Buffet meals are best for this type of occasion. Carving stations, sushi stations and pasta stations are all ideal because service is quick and the food will not diminish over the party’s duration.

New Jersey Bride—sushi station for engagement party.

3. Do create or purchase small desserts. Dessert is an important element to an engagement party but an engagement cake is not. Create an impactful dessert buffet with smaller cakes of different flavors. Another idea is to have cupcakes, fresh cut fruit and cookies. Also, adding edible favors to the dessert buffet, such as pre-wrapped cookies with the engaged couple’s initials is a nice touch. I’d also recommend the addition of a large selection of candy in the party’s themed color; put clear cello bags on the side and encourage guests to load up.

New Jersey Bride—dessert table for engagement party.

4. Do choose a color scheme that you can tie in with other essentials. Decorating an engagement party is also very important but don’t overdo it. Themes are not so important but choosing a color is. By keeping to a single color, you can tie all the elements together to make for a memorable event. Add sparkle to the room by using strings of lights or crystal garland. Flowers and candles are always a good way to create ambiance, as well.

New Jersey Bride—String lights for engagement party.

5. Do choose the right background music. Music is important when bringing strangers together, as it delivers background noise, which easily fills the room when conversation dims for a bit. I suggest two types of playlists; the first should be filled with mellower music selections. This music should be low and soft, where guests are still able to talk to each other, introductions can be made, and the food can be enjoyed. If the music is too loud when people are trying to say hello, they end up shouting above the noise. The second playlist I suggest would be a selection of louder music that your guests can dance to following dinner.

Some Don’ts:

1. Don’t have a seating arrangement. Don’t assign seats. If your guests are all seated, they will stay with the group they know.

The New Bridal Shower Style - New Jersey Bride

2. Don’t use large round tables that mimic a wedding. These tables tend to establish “ownership” and again, your guests will not mingle.

New Jersey Bride—party tables for engagement party.

3. Don’t serve a plated meal. Think of a buffet table as the water cooler—a great place to meet and chat with people you don’t know.

New Jersey Bride—Buffet table for engagement party.