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Tiffany and Kyle: A Surprise Engagement

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Francesca Sgambati

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New Jersey Bride Tiffany and Kyle Engagement
Nino Ignacio Photography
How they met: Kyle and I met over an intense game of Taboo at a mutual friend’s house in 2009. We had great chemistry! We  remained friends and kept in contact over the next few years. In 2012, after I had relocated to Los Angeles, Kyle and I met up while I was visiting Jersey. Our chemistry was reignited! In December 2013, after several face time dates, multiple flights between L.A. and Jersey, and numerous dance battles, we packed my stuff in my car and drove across country from L.A. to New Jersey to fully give our relationship a shot! New Jersey Bride Tiffany and Kyle Engagement The engagement: We were supposed to be going to a friend’s celebration dinner. I had a feeling that this was “the night” because for the whole week Kyle couldn’t tell me what the dinner was about. Since he was so vague and “clueless” about the details, I couldn’t help but think that something was up. I told myself to stop thinking that he was going to propose because if we got to the dinner and it was actually just a dinner, I would’ve definitely had my lips poked out lol. NEw Jersey Bride Tiffany and Kyle Engagement So on Saturday, August 29, 2015, in my fiance’s true fashion, he didn’t tell me the time that we had to head out. When I asked him, he told me 7:30p. I looked at the clock and it was 6:45p. Ahhhhh! I told him we were going to be late because I wasn’t going to be ready in time. I rushed into the shower and then started my makeup. Mid brush stroke,Kyle asked me how long I would be because we had to leave. Five minutes later, he asked again and then mentioned that the dinner was a surprise. I didn’t want us to be “that couple” who walks in with the guest of honor, ruining the surprise, so I threw my dress on and we got in the car. I was heated! I had a new hairstyle which I wasn’t sure I liked, my makeup wasn’t finished, and I didn’t get to do a once over in the mirror. Basically, I wasn’t ready! Kyle said that I looked beautiful, but I begged to differ, so he pulled back into our parking spot and told me to go back in the house and finish. I told him to just go to the restaurant so we wouldn’t be late. I finished my makeup in the car. New Jersey Bride Tiffany and Kyle Engagement When we got to Ricalton’s in South Orange, we proceeded to the back of the restaurant to a private room. When  he opened the door the room was full of our closest family and friends. Friends who I had talked to hours before claiming to be going on “dates” and what not that night. As I walked into the room, guests began handing me roses. I slowly became hysterical. There was so much love in the room. While walking behind me, Kyle said “I have one more rose for you.” When I turned around he was on one knee. I really lost it! I was crying so much that Kyle forgot his speech and went straight to “Will you marry me?” I answered with a delayed “Ummmm Yea.” I could not have thought of a better proposal. Kyle truly out did himself!!! New Jersey Bride Tiffany and Kyle Engagement New Jersey Bride Tiffany and Kyle Engagement Kyle and I will be getting married on Thursday, June 23rd, 2016, at iL Tulipano in Cedar Grove. Our theme is music. We both love to dance and I love themes. Our save the dates are VIP passes. 🙂 New Jersey Bride Tiffany and Kyle Engagement   Photos by Nino Ignacio Photography