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The Latest Trends in Rings

Posted on June 09, 2017 by Francesca Sgambati

4.5 carat oval pink morganite halo ring set in pink gold, $3,000; and diamond cluster band in pink and white from Simon G., $3,740, both from Roman Jewelers, in Bridgewater and Flemington.
It’s a thrilling moment when you finally look down and admire an engagement ring on your finger for the very first time. If an engagement is on your horizon, but you aren’t sure what kind of wedding rings you want, we’ve got you covered with the latest trends. The round diamond is still the belle of the ball, but here comes oval as a sought-after shape. The classic look of a round diamond in a white gold setting is the most popular engagement ring at Roman Jewelers, with stores in Flemington and Bridgewater. But brides are starting to again embrace the oval diamond, either as a solitaire or set in a halo, says Kristina Maiwaldt, marketing director for Roman Jewelers. “It does give a little bit of a bigger look,” she says. “That’s why girls choose it.” The oval trend has crossed over into alternate gemstones, too. A few brides have chosen oval morganite engagement rings (above) this past engagement season. Another popular choice today is a round or oval diamond set in a thin, pave diamond band, Maiwaldt says. With most diamond engagement rings purchased at Roman Jewelers weighing just under two carats, the slight band really shows off the sparkler. “It makes the stone pop,” Maiwaldt says. Similarly, a round, brilliant-cut diamond set in 14-carat white gold or platinum is the most popular engagement ring at Braunschweiger Jewelers, which has stores in Morristown and New Providence.. “It’s the classic solitaire,” says Ana Miniet, buyer at Braunschweiger Jewelers. “It looks great on everyone.” Brides who want more pizazz can add a halo around the stone or diamonds on the shank, she says. Cushion-cut diamonds are also popular, and ovals have been very popular as well, Miniet said. White gold and platinum are still very popular metals for engagement ring settings, but both stores are seeing the emerging trend of yellow and rose gold. The rings turned out today in yellow gold have a lighter, more delicate look than they did years ago. Rose gold is novel, Miniet said, and, it’s pretty in pink. “Diamonds look beautiful in it,” she adds. As for wedding bands, Miniet says, brides often choose a diamond band from a variety of widths. Some wear two thin diamond bands, one on either side of the engagement ring. At Roman Jewelers, custom-designed rings are also gaining ground. The custom option lets couples bring their own vision to life or incorporate an heirloom stone into a new look. “They’re getting a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed look that is as unique as their relationship,” Maiwaldt says. For grooms, yellow and white gold and platinum remain big sellers for wedding bands, Miniet said, but young men now are often looking for something cooler, like bands in darker gray metals including tungsten and titanium.