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The Bride Who Parked At the Bar

Posted on April 20 by New Jersey Bride

I promised you some truly heinous wedding stories, and here’s the first one: the Bride Who Spent The Whole Night at the Bar. Picture this: the ceremony is taking place in a hotel ballroom. Just outside of the hotel ballroom is the cocktail hour zone with a mahogany bar. Okay, you’ve got the setting. As the bride and groom walked up the aisle after sealing their vows, they walked right to the bar and had drinks in hand before their parents even got to them. And the bride seemed annoyed that she had to keep putting her drink down to hug the people who approached. Flash-forward to the intro into the room. I half-expected to see her walk in with a bottle of vodka in her hand, but she put her drink down for this portion of the evening. First dance done, she went right back to the bar where she joined her rowdy friends for group shots (no, not photographs, drinks thrown back Spring Break-style) and with the exception of a few songs on the dance floor, she went right back out to the bar. Her groom just shrugged sheepishly and followed her out there. It was time for another group shot. Now this isn’t the heinous story. (I know, right?!) The heinous story is that this was a destination wedding, in winter, for which 150 guests drove hours through a snowy windstorm to attend. Elderly guests. Pregnant guests. They all went to great effort to be there for the bride and groom…who never went table-to-table to say hello to anyone. If you weren’t included in a group shot, you were out of luck. I’ve always got an eagle eye going on at any wedding I attend, and I saw many wedding guests looking annoyed, holding their wedding gift envelopes in their hands, waiting for the couple to visit. Never happened. I also saw some guests stuff those envelopes into their jacket pockets before departing early. Long ride home the next morning, after all. So your Aisle Filestip is don’t gravitate to the bar. It’s fine to stop by the bar for a group shot if that’s your friends’ tradition at weddings, but save that for later. You have tables to visit first. All of them. At least once. Do so early in the reception, even while guests are having dinner, so that they’re all in their seats and you don’t miss them to the dancing/mingling/dessert bar hour. Visiting your guests is one of the very most important etiquette rules for your reception, and many couples do so even if they had a receiving line. Getting quality time with family and friends is that important. That Bride who Bellied-Up To the Bar? She complained loudly after the wedding that they didn’t get gifts from most of the guests. Oh, and she sent ‘thanks for coming to our wedding’ messages on thank-you notes to people who couldn’t attend the wedding. That’s pretty heinous as well.

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