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The Groom’s Cake: Surprise Him With Something Sweet

Posted on January 02 by new jersey bride

The groom’s cake, traditionally a chocolate confection reserved for Southern weddings, is alive and well in New Jersey, with many brides dreaming up their own modern twist. Jennifer Bunce, head chef and owner of the Hudson Cakery in Weehawken, typically receives 40 to 50 orders for groom’s cakes each wedding season. “Most brides come to me hoping to surprise their groom with a cake that will capture a particular interest or favorite pastime,” Bunce explains. She has created groom’s cakes for all types of receptions. Simple and understated designs including golf bags, cameras, cigars and sports team logos range from $300 to $500, however Bunce has crafted cakes upward of $800. One of the most memorable groom’s cakes she has created was a three-foot-tall standing Yoda. “Star Wars has been a huge trend with grooms lately,” she adds. Anne Heap, owner of the Pink Cake Box in Denville, is well-known for sculpted cakes, and her groom’s cakes are no exception. Common themes include cars, dogs, fishing, beer and sports teams. A groom’s cake is a great way to stretch your budget while still providing your guests with plenty of options for dessert. “A smaller wedding cake can be ordered and supplemented with slices from the groom’s cake to serve guests,”  she adds.