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Start a Collection on Your Honeymoon

Posted on July 09 by new jersey bride

When we honeymooned at Caneel Bay on St. John in USVI (this is also one of Molly’s favorite honeymoon spots; click here for more), we didn’t know that we were starting a collection when we picked up a few dozen seashells and pretty aqua-colored sea glass. We brought them home, cleaned them up and put them in a lidded apothecary jar for display in our living room. Our next trip was to Cape May, where we picked up lots of pretty seashells and “Cape May Diamonds” and brought them home, cleaned them up, and put them in their own lidded apothecary jar ($3 at Michaels Crafts). Next trip, Wildwood Crest. There’s a lidded jar for those, as well as for shells from our next trip to Caneel Bay and our most recent trip to Jumby Bay off the coast of Antigua. Our shell, stone and seaglass-filled apothecary jars tell the tales of our adventurous marriage, our world travels, the romance and fun we had at each destination, and when we’re old and gray, we expect to have dozens and dozens and dozens more of these memories in a bottle. So when you go on your honeymoon, or perhaps at your destination wedding, start a collection that will become a memory-filled ritual for all of your travels together. It doesn’t have to be seashells. That’s just our home décor style. You might pick up postcards or coasters…not the cheesy touristy ones from the airplane gift shop, but rather the pretty bamboo ones from the resort’s gift shop. You might buy a cookbook of local cuisine recipes from each of your destinations (which is great for international travel as well as tropical travel. I doubt we’ll find shells in a landlocked country!) The key is to start at your Minute One, during your honeymoon…and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you took your vows at your destination wedding, then bent down to pick up a glittering piece of sea glass right then and there as the very first piece in your collection? What can you see yourself collecting on your honeymoon, and carrying into your future together?