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Shaking It Up In The Boudoir

Posted on September 11 by Susan Brierly Bush

Shaking It Up In The Boudoir 

You’re busy planning your wedding day and juggling lots of details. But if the stress is making you too tired to tango, grab your fiance and get back in step.


“For busy women, sex isn’t always top of mind, so put a reminder in your iPhone or it might not happen,” suggests Dr. Judith Hersh, OB/GYN, cofounder of Central Jersey Women’s Health Associates and medical director of the New Jersey Center for Sexual Wellness in Bedminster.

She also reminds couples to be playful with each other to avoid getting into a rut. “You might adore macaroni and cheese, but you wouldn’t serve it every night, right? It’s good to spice up the menu now and then.”

The Dain Shoppe in Morristown is known as a tried-and-true resource for dainty lingerie. But take a peek inside THE CLOSET, a discreet little display area off the main sales floor, and you might be surprised to find boudoir heels as well as goodies embellished with feathers and some that require heavy-duty C batteries. “We do a lot of business out of that space,” says owner Cathy Earnhardt. “Girls across the state are spreading the word and we have become a hot topic of conversation at local cocktail parties and watering holes.”

Shaking It Up In The Boudoir

Also hot on the market right now are topical arousal oils. Zestra, made in New Jersey by Semprae Laboratories, is a hormone-free botanical formula. It’s available over the counter and claims to “work effortlessly and within minutes by heightening sensitivity to touch for deep, pleasurable sensations, sexual satisfaction and fulfillment.”  (In an effort to provide more information to our readers, New Jersey Bride editors might have to roll up our sleeves and do some field research on this product.)

“We always encourage our clients to venture out of their comfort zone by wearing something to surprise and delight their partner,” says Randee Tucker, co-owner of Bardot Lingerie in Millburn. “Dim the lights, play romantic music, put on something lacy and you’ll feel sexier and more confident.”

Bardot Lingerie - Millburn, NJ

Passion Parties hosts “ladies night in” home soirees run by sales reps known as “sexperts” like Robin Cohen of Marlboro. “Our events are fun and educational because we give girls ideas for keeping their marriages romantic and strong for years to come. Long-term relationships require intimacy, and it’s about more than just sex toys,” she says.

At the parties, girls shop for lotions, potions and things in motion. After cocktails are served and products are ogled, each guest is invited to bring her checkbook into a private room to place an order—or not.  Some ladies leave the party without purchasing anything, but call their sales rep later, when they’re ready to make a confidential purchase. One week later, Passion Parties ships merchandise to clients in plain brown wrappers. No, this is definitely not a Tupperware party, girls.