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Secretly Stash This on His Dresser

Posted on January 16 by New Jersey Bride

Not yet engaged, but hoping to be any day? Need to gently assist your boyfriend with the whole “buying of the ring” process? Here are some great tips from luxury online jeweler James Allen, where they answer common concerns about purchasing THE ring. How do I figure out my girlfriend’s ring size? What if it doesn’t fit? What if she hates what I chose? Here are nine tips to get it just right!

1. Establish a budget. According to James Allen, the average budget is $5,000. Budget can dictate the style purchased. As everyone seeks “the most bang for their buck,” ask your jeweler to help you find the biggest “rock” for the money, balanced against shape, quality of diamond and metal options.

2. Do due diligence. Know preferences. The most satisfied grooms often know their significant other’s preference before purchasing the ring. For instance, a setting with side diamonds or a simple solitaire. Our tip to brides: If you’ve discussed getting married, don’t be shy in letting him know your heart’s desire when it comes to the ring if it’s important to you. Pictures help! And if you want to be surprised by your groom, allowing him to choose what he loves, that’s great also.

3. Educate yourself. Color, cut, clarity and carat size vary broadly. Each feature determines how expensive a ring will be. Jewelers are happy to educate potential buyers about each of these important facets.  

4. Don’t wing it. Planning the proposal is essential. Share these plans with your jeweler to help you find the perfect ring.

5. Trust your vendor. Ensure your jeweler is reliable and trustworthy. One major advantage of James Allen’s website is its exclusive Diamond Display Technology that empowers customers to view the exact the diamond being considered for purchase, and view all 360° of it magnified 15X in high-resolution. This way, customers experience their ACTUAL diamond’s qualities, even more so than if viewed in a jewelry store, despite being viewed from the comfort of one’s home or mobile device. For other jeweler recommendations, be sure to check out New Jersey Bride’s Love It list.

6. Don’t give in to sales pressure. There should never be pressure to buy on the spot.  The purchasing process varies greatly from person to person, and true professionals will never lay on the hard sell.

7. Size matters, sorta.  A question commonly asked is how to determine the ring size to buy without ruining the surprise. Try borrowing a ring and getting it measured. Check with friends or family to see if they know. When in doubt, go big: You can always get it sized after the acceptance.

8. Bring her (or him)! Some significant others want to be involved in the ring selection. This is great because obviously, it helps to propose with the exact desired ring.

9. Breathe. This process may seem overwhelming. But if you plan ahead of time and consult the experts available to you, the process will be easy, and maybe even fun!