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Say No to Cheesy Wedding Photos

Posted on August 08 by New Jersey Bride

Your wedding photographer wants to make you happy, so be sure to tell him or her that you have a rule about No Cheesy Photos on the wedding day. What’s Cheesy is entirely up to you. To me, that photo of the groomsmen holding the bride sideways, with her looking stiff and terrified, and the groomsmen looking like they’re doing something wrong, is Cheesy. Our parents’ generation had their own Cheesy shot—you know, the one where they have their hands behind their backs, and they’re leaning way forward to kiss each other in front of their wedding cake. How do you feel about the group shot where everyone in the bridal party is jumping up in the air? I just saw a photo on Facebook the other day, in which the bride and her bridesmaids were holding hands and jumping up…and the bride had popped out of her top. With or without that disaster, does the jumping-up shot convey your group’s style? You might find that one Cheesy, or you might have seen a Pinterest shot that put that one on your Definite Yes wishlist. Your groom kissing your hand, bowing in front of you like Prince Charming. Sweet or Cheesy? Your bridesmaids showing a little leg. Spicy or Cheesy? Only you can tell your photographer what you don’t want to spend any time posing after the ceremony, and what you don’t want on your online photo gallery for all your guests to see. Now here’s my Aisle Files tip:Go online and Google “cheesy wedding photos” to get a stunningly bad collection of…well, Cheesy photos. Right-click, copy and paste these onto a Word document that you’ll hand to your photographer to show him or her what you don’t want. Your document might also include photos from Pinterest that some people Like but you consider Cheesy. Spend time combing wedding images, and add them to your Don’t collection. Your photographer will be glad for the input, and your post-ceremony photo session will be much briefer, allowing you to get to your cocktail party without missing too much of it. And you’ll love all of your wedding photos so much more. Let’s have some fun…post here in the Comments section what you consider Cheesy wedding photos!

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