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Question to Ask Your Floral Designer: What About the Extras?

Posted on April 30 by New Jersey Bride

While speaking with a premier New Jersey floral designer, I was captivated by her stories about the painstaking effort that goes into setting up a wedding site’s gorgeous greenery and garlands, decorating trellises and huppahs, arranging centerpieces and placing florals as wedding cake décor. There are countless steps to be taken, and the professional floral designer is impressively particular. If a tulip has the slightest blemish on a petal, it’s outta there. (Whenever I chat with floral designers about ceremony flower decorating, I’m reminded that my own wedding florist—now out of state and presumably out of business—actually handed my tuxedoed-up groom a broom and told him to sweep up her cuttings, because guests were starting to arrive!) Great floral designers will obviously sweep up after themselves, but they’re also masters at using every single bloom, every spray, frond, banana leaf, bunch of baby’s breath or Queen Anne’s lace, every rose head, every tuft of foliage to enhance the wedding locales. As they arrange the various floral décor features, they’ll find extra blooms in the boxes. They’ll bring along extra flowers and greenery, even extra glass vases without charge in order to create space-filling arrangements and pretty touches where needed. No one’s taking home the extra flowers and gorgeous greenery that haven’t made it into your décor pieces or onto your cake. They’re working little décor miracles with them, turning a collection of vibrant orange carnations into a ring around the pillar candle at your guest book table. They’re arranging low-cut clusters of white peonies throughout your family photo table to make it look more finished. They’re adding extra greenery to your altar arrangement to make it look even more lush and full. The expert eye of the professional florist can spot where a little extra floral décor will fill in a ‘hole’ in your wedding scenery. From the top of your card birdcage to the front edge of your gift table to your sweetheart table centerpiece and even the garlands on the staircase handrails, they’re going to extra-accent beautifully with all of the florals you paid for. So here’s my Aisle Files tip: When you’re interviewing floral designers, or if you’ve already hired one, ask what he or she has done with leftover flowers and foliage in the past, and—I love this!—which features of your ceremony and reception sites (where your florist has likely worked before) will likely get those additional touches. Your floral designer will be impressed with your attention to detail, as well as your insider knowledge of expert floral-design practices. This glimpse into their world makes you a great planning partner. Tell us: what would you do with extra flowers, greenery and branches at your wedding sites?