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Photobooth Props To Your Peeps

Posted on January 03 by New Jersey Bride

It used to be that photos of wedding guests were limited to boring table shots or awkward groupings of family and friends stiffly surrounding the bride and groom. Not anymore. These days, playful photobooth props are giving guest photos a punch of personality, so don’t be surprised to see the mother of the groom grinning behind a jaunty mustache or the bridal party hamming it up in feather boas and oversized shades. “The photo booth has been a trend for a while, so now brides and grooms are looking for ways to make it fresher and more fun,” says Amy Lau of David & Amy Lau Photography in Metuchen. The solution: Stock your photo booth and reception area with a selection of props and encourage your guests to let loose. The items can be simple and inexpensive—from foam clown noses to crazy wigs—but the photos are priceless. (Yes, that is Grandma sporting the sombrero and hot-pink sunglasses!) One super-hot prop these days is the mustache on a stick, which has been turning up all over, including at the May 30, 2010, wedding of Lauren Matricardi and Matthew Oster of Egg Harbor Township. “Matthew and I have a quirky sense of humor, so we wanted our guests to partake in a bit of our silliness on our big day,” says Matricardi, who made mustaches for each of her 130 guests. “The mustaches set the mood of our reception to be fun and carefree. Our guests loved them and had no reservations about wearing them on the dance floor and posing for pictures. Even our 90-year-old grandparents took part in the fun!” If you’re looking for more prop inspiration, consider going old-fashioned. “Vintage is very big right now so setting up an area for guests to take pictures with props like a vintage couch, luggage, or old bicycles is fun,” says Brick-based photojournalist Kella MacPhee. “Couples are also getting creative with their guest books,” she adds. Some are giving guests a chalkboard so they can pose with a written message for the bride and groom. This works if you have a photo booth or even just a Polaroid camera. The photos go into a book to make a unique keepsake. Or newlyweds can use an image of themselves posing with a chalkboard with the handwritten words “thank you” to personalize their thank-you notecards, says Lau. When it comes to special additions, though, it would be hard to top Jennifer and Ed Dwyer of Brick who had perhaps the ultimate “prop” for their engagement photos. While MacPhee was photographing the couple at the Shore, they ran into none other than Bruce Springsteen hanging out on the boardwalk with friends. The “Boss” graciously agreed to pose for a few photos with the couple, as he serenaded them. Not only did Jennifer and Ed get once-in-a-lifetime pictures, they also ended up with a photo-shoot story they won’t soon forget.