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Pretty in Pink: How to Create the Perfect Pink Wedding

Posted on July 22 by Molly Gregor

Pink tented wedding. Everyone always loves pink. What’s not to love. With such a large variety of pink flowers and the gorgeous pink wedding gowns available these days, it’s so easy to create a beautiful pink palette. But you also don’t want to overdo it. So Kris Sumey, a longtime wedding producer and maestro behind Event FX, an event-production company in Philadelphia, gave us some tips about creating the perfect pink wedding: Complement pink with cream in this pink peony bouquet.

  • For the bride who loves pink, it’s important to select the right shade and complement it with subtle variations of the color so that it doesn’t overwhelm your guests. Incorporating a cream color or shell-toned accents can also help to break up a primarily pink palette.


  • It’s all about how you want your guests to feel when they walk into the room for the first time. If you want them to feel romantic, classic or shabby chic, choose a blush or sachet pink with hints of ivory, white and cream. If you want to feel more playful and fresh, add pink lemonade or fuchsia.
  • Lighting plays a big part in carrying the pink theme through a wedding and has the power to create an instant emotion.

Pink tented reception.

  • Some of the most requested colors of the season so far have been neutrals, silver and plum, and more vintage looks that include shades of pink, blush and Champagne.
  • The color pink can be carried through the wedding in subtle ways to maintain a more classic feel. For instance, the dance floor and band can be highlighted with a color wash of pink lighting or soft pink lights can be added around the perimeter of the room to tie in the color.