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COVID-19 UPDATE: Postponing Your NJ Wedding

Posted on March 16 by Molly Gregor

With Governor Murphy’s ban of all gatherings, including weddings in New Jersey until further notice, we know you may be in a state of panic and wondering what to do. Here’s what we suggest you do if your wedding, shower, engagement party, bachelorette party or any bridal event is affected by this recent news:

  • Call your venue immediately to discuss what they’re planning. Some venues are recommending that you reschedule now if your event falls within these next 8 weeks, some are just rescheduling events taking place in April and waiting before they reschedule May. Keep in mind that MANY brides and grooms are doing the same thing, so if your venue or wedding planner doesn’t get back to you immediately, it’s because of all the calls they’re receiving.
  • Since many couples are rescheduling their events—not only for the next 8 weeks but also for the next 2 months—remaining dates are filling up for 2020, with many only having the option of weekday nights. If you’re leaning toward rescheduling, I’d suggest doing so sooner than later to ensure that you get a date in 2020.
  • Most venues that we’ve talked to are moving dates to later in the year, with no penalty to the bride and groom. If you need to cancel your wedding outright, you’ll need to discuss this with your individual venue. Some are offering giving deposits back, some are encouraging you to pick another date.
  • Read all contracts. While most venues we’ve spoken to are not penalizing couples for postponing their wedding, if you’re interested in canceling, you may lose your deposit. It all depends on what your contract states. Also read your florist’s, photographer’s, and all other vendor’s contracts to see if you can postpone or cancel.
  • Reach out to your wedding planner if you’re concerned, even if you don’t need to postpone or cancel. They are here for you and will offer tremendous support.
  • If you have purchased wedding insurance, consult your policy and call your carrier. Keep in mind that there’s a clause called “force majeure” that may apply to COVID-19 and you may not be covered. If you are interested in purchasing wedding insurance NOW, many carriers have suspended the sale of event policies and you will not be covered for any cancellations or loses incurred by COVID-19. Call and consult with individual carriers—and ask questions.
  • Once you’ve chosen a new date, you’ll need to confirm with all other vendors that they’re also available. This is where we’re anticipated a scramble on the part of many couples. Chances of ALL vendors being available on your date, may not be extremely high. You’ll need to discuss individually how these vendors will handle changes, deposits, etc.
  • Keep your guests informed once you’ve made a decision. Call them, email them—we’ve even seen some brides put together an inexpensive “Change the Date” card, but this is not necessary. Any of these methods of communication are acceptable. Do not worry about putting together a new invitation at this point. You want to relay the information as soon as you have it so that everyone is informed. Worry about sending all of the details later.
  • Call your hotel to either cancel or move your hotel blocks. This will go a long way in aiding your guests and the changes that they need to make as well.
  • Try to keep yourself as calm as possible. We’ve seen that once couples have made the decision to postpone, they’ve felt tremendous relief. While it’s hard to remember and easy to say, you WILL get married to the love of your life. If you need to shut off the news or go for a long walk, do whatever it takes to get your mind off of this craziness and be with your fiance.
  • Email me at mgregor@newjerseybride if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your issues in our Facebook group. I will help any way I can!

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