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Some Like It Hot: Old Hollywood Glam for Your Big Night

Posted on May 22 by Molly Gregor

Wedding night lingerie has its own new trend, and it couldn’t be more gorgeous. Now, brides are saving those racy corsets, garters and stilettos for the honeymoon and slipping instead into something more glamorous, silky, and sensual for the wedding night. It’s all about Old Hollywood glam now, like these peignoir sets with dainty lace details and luxurious satin that falls down your body, skimming your hips, flattering you and making an unforgettable impression on your groom. You’ll look more like Jean Harlow than (as your grandmother might say) Jean Harlot, for pure romance in a candlelit honeymoon suite, surrounded by rose petals, sipping champagne.

Lingerie Wedding Night
Old Hollywood Intimates for your wedding night by InBloom by Jonquil.
Check out these Old Hollywood, Grace Kelly-style peignoir sets by Shop in Bloom by Jonquil, in lovely ivory or screen siren black, and pair them with a matching, glam robe to give your groom an extra little something to slip off your shoulders. Not only is this look gorgeous, there’s an added benefit…you get two chances to wow your groom. Without getting too graphic, grooms say that when they think about you in your wedding gown, they think about undoing those corset laces in the back. So when you get to that part of the evening, your groom will discover your lovely lingerie set #1 – which is something wearable and comfortable under your gown. You don’t have to wear racy wedding night lingerie under your dress, especially if you’ll have on a silky sheath dress that would show every garter clasp and detail of your racy lingerie. (Some brides have made that mistake! So uncomfortable!) You get to be comfier beneath the dress, yet still have on something sexy for his discovery. And then, you get to change into your Wedding Night Lingerie #2 – call it your ‘2nd Look,’ ala celebrity wedding gown trends – which is the Old Hollywood peignoir set. And pose in the doorway like Jean Harlow would, with the light shining from behind you, and your groom will never forget it.