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How NOT to Trash The Dress

Posted on May 20 by Denise Potter

How Not to Trash The DressCourtesy of YouTube

We’ve heard of brides trashing the dress after their big day has come and gone.

What we haven’t heard of is brides nearly drowning during their trash the dress stunt in a very scary turn of events.

A video recently surfaced Amy Zuno (a New Jersey resident) jumping into the ocean on her wedding day, in a happy attempt to trash the dress. Cheers of celebration from family and friends can be heard on the video as Zuno is submerged in the water…but then, things go drastically wrong.

Zuno’s long white (and presumably VERY heavy) wedding gown begins to weigh her down in the water, and it doesn’t take long before the once cheerful onlookers begin to frantically panic. The bride struggles underwater for about 25 seconds before her heroic new husband and a few others successfully pull her to the surface.

Watch the video below to see how the near disaster unfolded.


Talk about a stunt gone wrong; We’re just happy everyone made it out alive. To future brides: think before you trash your dress! Be sure the stunt you have in mind is perfectly safe and risk-free!

Did you pull a trash the dress stunt on your big day? Post a comment below or submit your photos here.

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