Wedding Ideas

Get Naked (Cake)

Posted on June 09 by Phoebe Lett

Popularized by Brooklyn bakery Momofuku Milk Bar, the “naked cake” is a whimsical, fondant-free confection stripped to reveal its bare elements (see Momofoku’s cakes, pictured above right and top right). These wedding cakes do not require the immaculate angles and unblemished surfaces of traditional icing-covered cakes, resulting in a less formal and more rustic, organic, homemade appeal with infinite shape, size and flavor combinations. Naked Cake Your baker can “go naked” with rounds of any cake flavor, kept moist and fluffy between tiers of frosting, cream, custard, ganache or jam. The layers sit exposed, allowing their elegance and tone to come from your choice of edible or floral garnishes.  Integrate theme and color scheme with delicate flowers, well-placed ferns or nestled succulents to achieve a beautiful dressed-down look. Dripped honey, powdered sugar and baby’s breath can bring delicate femininity to the cake’s home-spun exterior. Naked Cake Opt for delicious toppings with attention to both flavor and the visual appeal of your cake: a light-colored cake, such as coconut, looks delicious beneath icing topped with figs, blueberries, blackberries, champagne grapes and pomegranate seeds. A sweet-toothed bride can top her naked cake with nuts, cake crumbs, cookie dough, pretzel crumbs or sprinkles. A darker cake flavor, like German chocolate, can be brightened with white or pink frosting beneath fresh raspberries, strawberries and cherries that brightly pop against the sultry cake backdrop.