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Movie Themed Engagement Photo and Proposal

Posted on August 20, 2015 by Francesca Sgambati

New Jersey bride Movie Engagement PHoto

This amazing “Back To The Future” inspired engagement photo was posted on Reddit yesterday and it’s getting tons of attention. I mean, how could it not?

The bride-to-be posted the photo to her Imgur account with the caption “My fiancé knows how much I love Halloween, so when it came time to propose, he dressed up as Michael Myers and jumped out at me with a ring. Perfect proposal. Sooooooo, when it came time to take an engagement photo, I let him decide what we were going to do. GREAT SCOTT, it turned out well!”

Needless to say, their engagement picture definitely turned out well! As far as her “perfect proposal” goes? Watch the video below for her “Halloween” inspired proposal!


Photo by Ricky Middlesworth