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Moustache Weddings?

Posted on June 03 by New Jersey Bride

Yes, you read that right! Fake moustaches are popping up at weddings all over the country and seem to be the latest trend! In fact, within the past week, I’ve seen three separate events in New Jersey, all donning the moustache on a stick. The bride, the groom, the attendants, the guests, even grandma and grandpa are partaking in the fun. And that’s exactly the goal: to add a little bit of clean fun to your wedding. Silly props are an inexpensive way to achieve laughter…and great pictures!! New Jersey photographer Kella MacPhee just sent me a beautiful wedding that took place last weekend at the Abbie Holmes Estate in Clermont…and there they were! Moustaches all over the place! Here’s a sneak peek, pictured above and below. If you want to add moustache whimsy to your own event, go to and you’ll find over a thousand options. Who knew they were such a hot wedding accessory?