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11 Ways Millennials Plan a Wedding

Posted on September 28, 2017 by New Jersey Bride

While it may seem that all wedding planning should be the same, that’s actually not the case. And if you’re a millennial you’ll know what we’re talking about! You even may want to hand this list over to your parents who may be a bit confused by your planning process! Here, JoAnn Gregoli of Elegant Occasions in Denville tells us how millennials plan a wedding!

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  1. They break with tradition. Don’t want to get married in a church? Don’t. Don’t like tossing of the bouquet? Ditch it. Postpone the honeymoon for a year? Why not!
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  2. They ditch white gowns for colored gowns, two-piece outfits and pantsuits.  Rice Krispies wedding cake for glamping wedding
  3. Cakes have been replaced by cheese, donuts, pies—and even Rice Krispies treats.Teepee weddings or glamping weddings 4. Glamping experiences are now a wedding option. To learn more, see “Must-Haves for Your Glamping Wedding.”  
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    5. Personalization is big, and millennials are keen on making their wedding their own. Whether it’s a unique location, custom signs, favorite desserts, or signature drinks, personalized weddings are the way to go.
    6. They’re marrying later. For millennials, the range of 30 to 35 is now the average age of brides and grooms.
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    7. They’re making it memorable with surprise entertainment or unique touches.    
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    8. DIY is still big. Millennials are making their own favors, escort cards, programs, etc.
    9. Social media is now influencing every decision they make. From suggestions and tips in Facebook groups (join our private Facebook group by clicking here) to ideas on Pinterest to images on Instagram, it’s all about social media.
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    10. They’re smarter shoppers and it’s important for them to receive value for everything they buy.   Nicole-Mike-Park-Savoy-Real-Wedding
    11. Everything is about the experience, having fun and sharing it with their friends and family.