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Melissa and Sean’s College Engagement Story

Posted on May 05 by Francesca Sgambati

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Sheena Lynn Photography

How They Met: Melissa and Sean both attended Rowan University. Melissa studied Accounting while Sean studied Chemical Engineering. One early September night in 2011, Melissa and her roommates decided to go to a get together that Sean’s friends were hosting. Melissa and her roommates were friends with several of Sean’s friends, so it started out like an ordinary night out. At some point during the night, Melissa saw Sean hanging out with some friends and happened to recognize him from her “People You May Know” on LinkedIn. Melissa bravely walked up to Sean and said, “Hey I saw you on LinkedIn!” and then swiftly walked away. Sean was intrigued by this random encounter and wanted to get to know Melissa. For the rest of the night Sean tried making conversation with Melissa, but because she was being such a social butterfly on that particular night it proved to be quite a challenge! At the end of the night Sean was finally able to find Melissa and ask for her number as she was walking out the door. After that night, Melissa and Sean started talking and never really stopped! They would talk all day and find excuses to bump into each other on campus and in between classes. They started officially dating in October of that same Fall. Their Engagement: On the weekend of Melissa and Sean’s four year anniversary, Sean planned a very special date that neither of them would ever forget. On October 31, 2015, Sean took Melissa out to lunch to the restaurant where they had their very first date. Following lunch, Sean drove Melissa down to Rowan’s campus in Glassboro. They walked around campus, enjoying the Fall scenery and reminiscing about the time they spent together at Rowan and how far they had come since then. Finally, they stopped on the campus green in front of Bunce Hall where Sean got down on one knee and asked Melissa to marry him! And of course, she said YES! Photographer: Sheena Lynn Photography