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Posted on February 13 by Molly Gregor

New Jersey bride getting her makeup done

Smokey eye? All-natural? Pink or red lips? What is the best makeup look for you as you walk down the aisle on your special day? Here, Melissa Morehouse of José Eber Salon in Millburn shares with us her expert advice and the best tips and trends for brides:


  • Pink or “pinkish” tones mixed with golds and coppers on the eyelids create a “glossy” appearance for the eyes.


  • Glowing, happy skin. Skin should appear hydrated, youthful, and “pinkish.” Using the “strobing” technique during application highlights the cheek bones.

    Beauty-trend-blurred-lips-advice from-Melissa-Morehouse

  • Blurred, faded lips. Darkening the center of the lips creates a sexy stained un-perfect yet perfect look.



  • Detailed brows. Thick yet manicured brows add a dramatic finish to any face. Look into “micro-blading” in the months leading up to the big day for a natural, long-lasting look.


  • “Bleeding” lip color. This technique achieves a strong matte lip finish to dramatize any “natural” makeup look. Lily Collins at the Golden Globes is a great example of this bleeding lip color technique.

    New Jersey Bride Alana and Scott Real Wedding

  • Lush, full lashes are a MUST, as always.

Melissa-Moreland-makeup-artist-Jose-EberMelissa has worked for numerous make up companies such as M.A.C, Laura Mercier and Stila. With 20 years of professional experience as a makeup artist, for the past 9 years Melissa has worked as an independent artist. Ever since she was a young girl, the craft of makeup has always fascinated her. Because of her passion and natural skill, Melissa constantly demonstrates her ability to keep up with the current trends, such as airbrush, while also managing to stay well-versed in all traditional styles. Melissa also spent a portion of her career doing the makeup for reality television star Dina Manzo for her show Dina’s Party on HGTV. According to Melissa, nothing is more important than having your clients feel and look their absolute best. She strongly believes that makeup allows us to create an appearance that has the potential to embrace our mood and our confidence, without a long-term commitment. Melissa encourages all of her clients to take an opportunity to experiment with their looks, from natural to anything but natural.