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How to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Posted on November 13, 2017 by Allison Dupree

We know wedding planning can be really stressful. Between trying to decide the guest list, what dress to wear and how to make your wedding different than your cousin’s that happened three months ago, your head can start to spin! Oh, and not to mention how you have to keep everything in budget for your special day. Luckily, with the help of Andrea Freeman, we have some great tips for making your wedding unique and the event of the year! Calligraphy has always played a big role in weddings. It’s usually the first thing people see relating to your wedding’s style since it’s on the invitations they receive and then it’s carried through to the place cards on the day of. A popular trend this wedding season has been putting guest’s names on clear, Lucite chairs instead of using place cards! Another great way to incorporate calligraphy into your day is on signs, like for your signature cocktail or buffet signs. Invitations are an important part of your big day as well, even though they don’t make an appearance on the actual day. The invitations, much like calligraphy, set the stage for your wedding day. Make sure your invitations wow your guests and have them think “I don’t want to miss this wedding for anything!” Custom designed invites with personal touches are going to make the perfect statement about your day. Now for the best part of any day—food! Food is becoming a popular way to express your unique tastes and styles as newlyweds. Having food stations during cocktail hour is a great way to do this since you get to personally decide what is important to you. If your mom makes the best grilled cheese, you could have a mini small grilled cheese station. Comfort food is always popular, so why not make it personal. For the main course, lots of couples are going back to having plated dinners versus big family style meals. And if you’re worried about your dishes not making a statement, have the chef create distinct flavor profiles on the same plate to keep your guests wanting more. Donuts are also quite the trend in weddings. We’ve seen everything from small cake stands with a few treats on top to entire walls filled with the best donuts. Adding sprinkles in your wedding color on top can also make these tasty treats unique to you and your groom. Cutting the cake then feeding each other (or smashing it into each other’s faces, as some prefer) is usually a big part of a wedding reception so the cake itself needs to look as good as it tastes. Naked cakes have played a huge role recently, being covered in fruits and dripping toppings down the sides, but traditional cakes are starting to make a comeback. Add sugar flowers or special accents and the cake is just as unique as your love story!   Thanks again to Andrea Freeman for these wonderful tips and beautiful photos! Andrea Freeman Events is a distinctive event planning and production studio that creates one-of-a-kind celebratory experiences for discerning individuals and companies.

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