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15 Things We Love on Etsy Right Now

Posted on September 02, 2015 by Francesca Sgambati

Etsy is one of the best places to shop because you can customize just about everything you buy. This is especially awesome for everything wedding related, because what bride-to-be doesn’t want a coffee mug or wedding ring holder with her new last name on it? So, we wanted to share 15 things that we absolutely love on Etsy right now. Let us know what you think and feel free to comment below with your favorite Etsy finds!

For the newly engaged:
New Jersey Bride Engagement Etsy Mug1.) What bride-to-be doesn’t like to show off her new ring? This is perfect for a coffee (or tea) lover.


Futuremrs2.) This “Future Mrs.” tee looks comfy and cute.

(KTee Designs)

Countdown3.) You can start by counting down to the wedding day, then save it to count down to your anniversary or any big event you’d like to add.

(Coconut Hut Boutique)

For the engagement party

New Jersey Bride Engagement Party Props Etsy
4.) These cute props are perfect for a photo booth at an engagement party.


New Jersey Bride Etsy Engagement Ring Balloon5.) We LOVE this engagement ring balloon


New Jersey Bride Engagement Confetti6.) And this engagement ring confetti


For the bride and groom

New Jersey Bride Ring Holder Etsy
7.) Customize this ring holder by adding the wedding date or the newlyweds last name.


New Jersey Bride Mr Mrs Apron Etsy
8.) A couple that cooks together, stays together! How cute are these matching aprons?


New Jersey Bride Etsy Cutting Board
9.) OR perhaps this custom cutting board for the cooking-couple.


New Jersey Bride Etsy Wine Cork Keeper10.) And for the wine loving couple? A custom made wine cork keeper.


New Jersey Bride Etsy Pillowcases11.) After a long wedding day, who wouldn’t want to rest their heads on these adorable pillowcases?


For the bridesmaids/groomsmen

New Jersey Bride Etsy Bridesmaid Cups
12.) These tumblers are the perfect gift for your bridesmaids on the big day. Weather you want to stay hydrated or fill it with something a little bit stronger, you can’t go wrong with these cute custom made cups.


New Jersey Bride Etsy Groomsmen Flasks
13.) We can’t forget the groomsmen. How great are these tuxedo flasks?


For the honeymoon
New Jersey Bride Etsy Honeymoon Fund
14.) This is a cute and creative way to get donations for your honeymoon fund.


New Jersey Bride Etsy Just Married Shirts
15.) And these matching “Just Married” T-shirts are perfect to wear on the honeymoon.