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Boho-Luxe Lavender Inspired Wedding

Posted on August 30, 2017 by New Jersey Bride

  Boho-Luxe-Lavender-inspired-wedding Ever dream about getting married in a lavender field in the South of France? Well, we’ve got some inspiration for you as you look to create this romantic vibe in the fields of New Jersey! Luxe meets boho in this whimsically influenced theme. Enchanting lavender fields, ornamental cow-skull centerpieces and rows of gold-flaked macarons are just a few of the swoonworthy details featured. Yes, we said cow-skull centerpieces! Boho-Luxe-Lavender-inspired-wedding Color palette: Lilac is the dominant shade and is balanced out with softer shades of lavender, blush and ivory. You’ll want to make sure that your palette isn’t too domineering, so it’s important to add highlights like ivory and metallic gold to break up your overall look. This theme would work so well at one of the many barn and farm venues that New Jersey has to offer! And it would also work in one of our many romantic ballrooms! The Location: The French provincial lavender fields and restaurant façade of Sault in France, perfectly complemented the romantic and whimsical influences of this wedding theme, while the organic texture of its limestone walls and timber tables fit into the Boho-Moroccan style. Give yourself plenty of time to find your own venue, but generally you’ll know when you’ve found the one as you have that “wow” moment. This theme would work so well at one of the many barn and farm venues that New Jersey has to offer! And it would also work in one of our many romantic ballrooms! Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Outdoor reception: This is where the team really let loose and had some fun! They loved the idea of creating an outdoor high-tea reception among the sweet scents of a lavender field. This informal dining setting was heavily influenced by Moroccan vibes, which really comes through in the textures and patterns. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration They chose a large tribal looking rug as the base for the table and complemented it with fur rugs, shaggy embellished cushions and ottomans—all within our gold and purple color palette.   Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration An informal high-tea is a beautiful and offbeat reception idea for your own wedding and will sure to be remembered by your guests. If you’ve chosen a stunning location for your own wedding, take advantage of it! Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration DIY: Don’t be afraid to include such an avant-garde motif in your own wedding! By making a design element like a cow skull a central piece, you’ll definitely be giving your guests something to talk about and you’ll have a unique token for the rest of your life to remember your special day. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Florals: The floral arrangements could have acted as the only dĂ©cor piece throughout the shoot—they were that impressive. They relied heavily on greenery in the arrangements to break up all of the color, while portraying a really wild and effortless look. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Pair the greenery with roses for a romantic touch and adhere to your lilac color palette by including blush and purple-toned wild flowers. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Succulents are also a really important element in this theme as they’re a match made in heaven when paired with geodes and stones. They’ll also bring on a more modern and minimal feel among the provincial roses. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Sweets: A favorite from the day were the breathtaking macaroons in shades of lilac and lavender, garnished with gold flakes and sprigs of lavender. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Look at including summery berry tarts in your own big day to complement the colors in your floral arrangements, and if you really want to impress, find a floral tea or infused water to create a purple-toned drink that is as beautiful as it is delicious. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration   Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Lighting: The photographer really utilized soft natural lighting to create those dreamy finishes and hues in the photos, however wedding parties will also be celebrating far into the evening, which is why they had the idea to create a night-time hanging light display. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration They sourced baubles and vases and tied them up with fishing line and rope. You’ll want to find electronic candles where possible, to minimize the fire hazard but in doing so, you’ll create a warm and truly special ambiance for your guests to enjoy. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Stationery and invitations: Though the overall vibe and theme for the day was quite relaxed, they still wanted to entice their “guests” with luxury and glamour. They custom-created several styles for the shoot and included lavish features such as intricate laser-cut paneling and gilded foiling. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Their head digital designer used a relaxed scripted font for that boho-chic element. If you want to really personalize your own stationery set, look at incorporating a monogram or a hot-wax seal with you and your partner’s initials. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Finish with a satin ribbon, and you’ll have a beautifully detailed set that will be sure to impress. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Getting the look: The lovely bride Jasmine was the epitome of a free-spirited, carefree Boho traveler. Wandering barefoot through the lavender field, they wanted to make sure that her gowns and look represented her own personality. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration When choosing your own wedding dress, look for intricate lace detailing and unique features such as the stunning embellished back on this Maggie Sottero gown. Don’t feel restricted in terms of the silhouette of your dress. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration They actually had three looks with very different shapes, all which beautifully suited the Boho vibe. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration   Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration For beauty: Keep everything lightweight and natural. Yes, the heavy contoured look may be taking over Instagram, but for your special day, you won’t want any heavy trend-based looks. For this bride, they looked at a shimmering rose-gold for her eyes and paired it with a taupe matte lip for a balance. Using a shimmer-based primer and highlight on her skin,she truly glowed from within. Keep hair long and wavy and look at including some lavender and floral sprigs to add an enchanting feminine twist that doesn’t look too over the top. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Be bold: Don’t be afraid to go bold on your wedding day. Give your guests something to talk about with some unique beauty details such as a stunning white henna design. Traditionally used in Indian Shari’s, the conventional henna is used as a stain for brides on their wedding day, however white henna will be painted on you on the day. It’s a unique feature that is slowly gaining momentum and is a gorgeous way to add some boho flair to your wedding look. Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration Get the kids involved: Having an adults-only wedding can certainly ease up the stress for parents, however there are so many fun and creative ways to include little ones in your special day. Write up some hilarious chalkboards with sayings like “Here Comes the Bride” and our personal favorite:“Don’t Panic Ladies, I’m Still Single.” Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration One last tip: The biggest piece of advice that can be taken from this shoot is to stay true to your own unique personality—and not to be afraid to get a little crazy (not in the bridezilla way)! Hopefully, at the end of this post, there are just a few more embellished cow skulls out there in the bridal world! Boho-Luxe-Lavender-Wedding-inspiration CREDITS: Styling: Adorn Invitations | | @adorninvitations Dresses: Raffaele Ciuca | | @raffaeleciucabridal Headpiece and Jewelry | @loveonjewellery Sephory Photography | | @sephoryphotography Invitation | @invitationbwedding Flowers: Babylon Flowers | | @babylon flowers Food: Mary Eats Cake | | @maryeatscake