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Karen and Edouard’s Engagement in Havana

Posted on May 15, 2018 by Allison Dupree

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Manuel Garci Casado

How did you meet?

Swipe right. It’s a match! (December 2015)

karen-edouard-engagementWhen did you get engaged? 


Where did you get engaged?

Havana, Cuba

karen-edouard-engagementYour proposal story:

During a tropical vacation in Cuba, Edouard hijacked a photo tour that Karen had planned. He had been researching ways to pop the question and knew Havana, Cuba would be the backdrop for the perfect proposal. He contacted the photographer behind her back and set up for a full morning of photos on their first day there, just the two of them.

karen-edouard-engagementBeing the jokester that he is, Ed told Karen that they should save the photos to use as engagement pictures for the future. He laughed, mentioned all the corny poses they could try, and even asked the photographer to photoshop a ring during the editing process. Karen thought this was crazy, but played along anyway.

karen-edouard-engagementIn true Karen fashion, she whined and commented on how ridiculous this was in between shots, for the entire 2 hours of the FAKE engagement session. They toured around the city in a bright red classic convertible, taking in the sights and sun. The next stop was a beautiful waterfront and city skyline view. There was a Salsa band filming a music video with live instruments and dancers. Ed danced along to the music with a big smile on his face. He knew this would be it!

karen-edouard-engagementThe photographer asked Ed to do individual shots and left Karen chatting with the driver. He got the ring from his backpack and asked the saxophonist from the salsa band to play something romantic when he gave the signal. They came back and got Karen for more photos, this time from the back with them facing the water.

karen-edouard-engagementThe photographer said “Ed, do you think this is a good frame?” and Ed stepped back while Karen fixed her hair in the reflection of the water. All of a sudden she heard “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on the saxophone. She turned around and there he was, on his knee!


He said: “Karen Jelissa Salazar, will you marry me?”
She said: “Of course!!!! YES!”