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Jennifer and Shaun’s Scenic Engagement

Posted on November 30, 2018 by Allison Dupree

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How did you meet? 

Shaun and I met on a train ride home from a Eric Church concert. My cousin and Shaun were mutual friends from high school. It turned out we went to the same grammar school, high school and we live in the same town. We also go to the same church. It was not love at first sight as I waited three months to go out with Shaun. Once we went on our first date the rest was history!


When did he ask?


Where did he ask?

Mount Mitchell Overlook, Highlands, NJ


How did he ask?

Shaun and I had the most perfect laid back day. We went out to lunch at this place we have both been dying to go to which happened to be by the water. It was a very hot day so we decided to go back home and go in the pool. On the way home Shaun mentioned stopping at this scenic overlook spot since he knew I loved taking car rides on this one “scenic” road that overlooked Sandy Hook and the New York City skyline.

Once we were up at the overlook and exploring he had suggested I take a photo overlooking the skyline and Sandy Hook and as I was taking photos he got down on one knee and called me name, as I turned around he had asked me to marry him. I was in such shock that he jokes I never said yes!