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Honeymoon Registry Dos and Don’ts

Posted on February 05, 2013 by New Jersey Bride

Honeymoons: Riviera Maya: Casitas at the El Dorado Royale

If you’ll create a honeymoon registry to help make your dream getaway a reality, there are some very important Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind. Some will help you get more for your trip, and some will prevent you from making huge, embarrassing etiquette mistakes.


  • Break shares of big-ticket items like your flights and your hotel suite into smaller chunks. If, for instance, you signed on for a bunch of $100 shares, guests might see them as too pricy for a gift that isn’t actually a thing. They don’t get as much enjoyment out of paying for 1/10th of your plane fare as they would paying for you to get massages. But if you break these into $50 shares, a guest might get you the massages, and—feeling like that’s not as generous as they want to be—tack on that extra $50 share to sweeten the deal. You’d then get more of your airfare and stay paid for.
  • Describe the experiences you want. Don’t just put ‘Swim with dolphins’ as your entry. Spice it up with a little bit of explanation: “We chose our honeymoon spot because we saw that they’re close to an amazing dolphin encounter center where we can enjoy a private swim with dolphins. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do and will be a highlight of our trip!” Someone’s definitely going to get you that unforgettable, dream-come-true experience.
  • Add lots of experiences. Again, guests want to know that when they see your zipline tour photos on your Facebook page, they made that happen for you.
  • Add multiple spa experiences. You might think you just want a couple’s massage, but look also at the spa’s mani/pedi list, facials, and other treatments.
  • Look at your honeymoon resort’s website to find out which amenities are for-pay. For instance, the resort might charge $25 for snorkeling equipment, $40 for kayak use, and more. Add these things to your registry as fun gift ideas for guests on a budget, guests who can’t come to the wedding budget want to get you something fun, and as add-on gifts.
  • Include gift cards to the resort. Especially if you’re not staying at an all-inclusive, it’s nice to have $500 in gift card money to enjoy great meals and drinks.
  • Spell everything correctly. Family, friends, bosses, co-workers and other important people will check out your registry, and if your entries are filled with misspellings or bad grammar, it’s an embarrassment.
  • Thank guests in advance. When you list your honeymoon registry on your personal wedding website, show wonderful manners and good etiquette by writing, “We thank you in advance for considering any of our honeymoon registry items! We know this trip is going to be amazing, and we’re so appreciative of gifts that will allow us to make even more of our stay!”
  • Set it up right away. Like, now. Guests who can’t make it to the wedding often like to shop ‘the good stuff’ from registries to send in advance, or as an engagement or shower gift.
  • Say what you want the most. Like the dolphin swim, or the couple’s massages. Guests want to give you the things you want most, so it’s okay to let them know your top picks.
  • Add photos. Of the two of you, of the resort, of the activities. Guests love seeing where you’re headed, and a great photo of a romantic dinner on the beach might just inspire them to buy that gift for you.


  • Say you’re going to drink a ton of tropical drinks. I’ve seen several real-life honeymoon registries that included comments like, “you know how much (bride) loves to start drinking at 10 a.m.!” Even if you plan to go wild with the island drinks or do a European pub crawl every day of your getaway, keep that to yourselves.
  • Imply any racy stuff, like “a room on this private beach will allow us to finally get the chance to get naked in public!” Or “If we stay in this cabana, we won’t have any neighbors to hear us through the walls!” Just…don’t.
  • Register for tip money or taxes. That’s on you.
  • Put any mention of this registry in your wedding invitation. That’s a big Etiquette Don’t. As is mentioning it on your Facebook page…which is just tacky.
  • Set up a honeymoon registry before you have your honeymoon booked. Guests often get offended by ‘cash registries’ and saying, ‘this is for our honeymoon’ still has that bad etiquette tinge to it.
  • Say ‘I’ve done this, but my groom hasn’t.’ While you get it that this would be your first swim together with dolphins, guests often want to give something that’s a first for you both.
  • Forget meals and drinks. If you’ll stay at a resort that isn’t all-inclusive, you could find the meal plan pricing or per-item pricing to be astronomical. So include an entry for meals and beverages, explaining in your well-written comments that you’re looking forward to breakfasts on the terrace, lavish beach dinner buffets, romantic meals, and more.
  • Consider the honeymoon registry’s email to guests, saying that their gift has been received by you, to be a thank-you note replacement. You still have to write them a hand-written note after the wedding.