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#GetJennyMarried at Galloping Hill Golf Course

Posted on July 21 by Molly Gregor

New Jersey Bride—Galloping Hill Golf Course

Wednesday, July 13, 2016, was a typical business day for Jennifer Forshee, director of catering and sales at Galloping Hill Golf Course in Kenilworth. She was reviewing her business social media and industry news when she came across a tweet posted on and Chasing News: “A dream wedding ruined. The venue cancelled 2 weeks b4 her big day. Now we need your help. Let’s #GetJennyMarried.” News reports indicated that Jenny Fernandez’s wedding in a private home was indeed cancelled and she was without a venue just days before her big event.


“The first thing I thought about was how horrible this is for the bride and groom. My next reaction was to see how I could help as we did have an opening for a wedding around the time of their planned event,” says Forshee. “I reached out to my colleague at, but learned that they needed to get married on the original date of July 23, 2016. Unfortunately, we were already booked for that date and could not assist this couple.”

Forshee continued to follow the story and remained active on social media mentions to keep the story in the forefront of the New Jersey wedding industry.


“Before the morning was through, I received an email from the groom for our originally scheduled wedding on July 23 stating that he needed to cancel the wedding – I was shocked about the turn of events and the fact that this is the date that Jenny needed for her wedding,” Forshee says.

Forshee then reached out to her industry contacts and quickly was in touch with Jenny Fernandez and her fiancée. A meeting between Ashley and Diana of Chase News, Jenny, and her family took place, and Jenny agreed to hold their reception at the Clubhouse at Galloping Hill Golf Course.
“To say ‘all’s well that ends well’ is an understatement,” says Forshee. “I am so glad that the stars aligned and we were able to help out Jenny and John in their hour of need. We are all looking forward to this wedding and wish them the best in their future together.”

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